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5 Fall 2021 Trends and how to make them look Expensive

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Fall is upon us and I'm sharing the 5 trends I am subtly adding to my wardrobe this season in limited and tasteful quantities and how I am making sure to still keep it classic and expensive-looking.

*All links in this post are from ASOS, contact me if you'd like personal recommendations from other stores*


01. The Midi Skirt

Nothing says fall-femininity quite like a flowy midi skirt. My favorite thing about midi skirts is how versatile they are!

You can easily dress these up with a fitted blouse and heels or dress it down with chunky chelsea boot and a chunky knit sweater.

To look expensive: Make sure your midi skirt is the right length; it should be just at your calf.


02. Fringe

The most predominant trend seen on the runway for 2021.

Fringe was present in MOST runway shows either in an accessory or a full statement piece making it super easy to incorporate into your capsule this season without looking overwhelmingly trendy.

To look expensive: Don't overdo it. Forgo the chainmail, rhinestone, and cotton fringe. Instead, opt for tasteful and subdued fringe details in the leather.


03. Oversized Cable Knit

This super comfy trend may just be my favorite. It's also the easiest trend to wear this season because simply put: there is no wrong way to wear this.

To look expensive: Make sure you pick out an oversized cable knit pattern that is SYMMETRICAL, clean, and simple.


04. Fur Trim

Faux Fur trims, necklines, and cuffs are here to stay. More of a late fall staple, this trend is practical and will make an excellent layering piece.

To Look Expensive: Forgo the sweaters and cardigans with the fur trims and opt for these trims on outerwear instead.


05. Vests

I've been waiting for this! I love a good vest-shirt combo and the fact that it's coming back to the runway means everyone and their grandmother is going to produce some iteration of a vest-shirt combo, this means I'll finally find some expensive-looking quality vests to add to my repertoire.

To Look Expensive: Make sure your vest length meets your bottom height. For example; if you're wearing high-waisted jeans opt for a cropped vest; if you're wearing low-rise jeans wear a standard vest.




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