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Shop Smarter: Don't Splurge on these 10 items

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

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Alright, if you've read some of my posts you know I live for finding affordable and practical style and beauty solutions. Products that LOOK refined without actually hurting my wallet.

As a general rule, anything that doesn't get regular use in your day to day or make you FEEL good you shouldn't SPLURGE on.

When I first started working (After 10 years in school... AKA 10 years living that broke student life) I made a list of a few luxury items I had always wanted but didn't think it prudent to own in my situation.

Well, I put those on my wishlist, and as soon as I got a job I started saving for them. Some of them were hits others were a total waste of my HARD earned money.

So I compiled a list of style and beauty items you should definitely SAVE on below...


01. Stud earrings

One of the items at the top of my wishlist were REAL pearls. I LOVED my fake $3 pearl studs but I wanted the real thing. So I bought a nice pair and to my surprise...

  1. No one noticed they weren't my usual studs.

  2. I didn't feel different.

  3. They really didn't elevate my look as much as I thought they would.

  4. I couldn't breathe any time one of these would slip from my hands or I misplaced them because they were so darn expensive. *High-stress alert*

So I did the math.

  • My $10 pearl studs deteriorate after a little over a year of use (Sometimes they last more).

  • I can easily replace them when they do or if I lose them for about $10 again.

  • In my lifetime, I think I can spend $10 again on a pair of pearls. Especially since I did NOT feel any type of way after owning the real thing.

I've applied this same logic to all my accessories (with the exception of diamonds) ever since. And while I DO still own my real pearls, I only wear them for special occasions for fear of losing them.

My current favorites are these pearl studs that are inexpensive but very well made.


02. Evening / Clutch bags

These little things, that we don't use ALL THAT MUCH tend to look pretty decent even when you're only paying $10 for them. These deserve a spot on our save list. My cheap clutch collection still looks good after a few years of use.


03. Sunglasses

Nothing against luxury or designer eyewear, my favorite is actually Celine. And then one lovely day I found the exact dupe to my favorite Celine sunglasses at Amazon and to my surprise they were pretty good.

I've since found a ton of designer dupe sunglasses and have compiled a list of them for you here: Amazon Designer Dupe Sunglasses


04. Lingerie

Nowadays with so many affordable retailers carrying cute and sexy lingerie, you don't have to exclusively go to a lingerie specialty store like Victoria's Secret or Agent Provocateur for expensive looking undies.

Check out these sets under $25!


05. Gowns

The pain of shopping for formal wear coupled with the fact that you'll use this dress once or twice in your lifetime is the reason you should SAVE on these.

We are also very lucky to have options that STILL allow us to look good without breaking the bank.

Rent the Runway is the perfect solution for this. Rent designer evening wear for a fraction of the cost. Learn more about Rent the Runway here.

Poshmark is another retail gem that not only allows you to find formalwear for less you can also SELL your lightly used (will never-ever wear again) dresses.


06. Jeans

*Ok, I'm not saying SAVE on these as in pay $10 for these, I'm saying don't pay $250 for these. Jeans are one of the most used clothing items you can own.

With regular use and wash comes regular wear and tear. And guess what? Most jeans NO matter how expensive are made of the same materials (Cotton and Elastane among others). The difference lies in the cut, closures, washes, and details.

What you actually need to look for when it comes to jeans is a good tailor. Instead of spending $250 at Mother Denim spend $50 at Levi's and get those pants tailored to perfection.


07. Scarves

How difficult could it be to cut out and hem a square or rectangle? Low-quality material scarves are ridiculously over-priced. Enough said. SAVE.


8. Trendy Clothing

Trends are usually designer inspired and up-charged due to their popularity.

I'm going to use puff sleeves as an example here: they were a hit last year, are somehow still around but by the end of this summer, you likely won't want to wear your puffy sleeves anymore. Another trend will have taken its place.

So when it comes to trends like clear sandals, choker necklaces and puffy sleeves, by all means, try them, but don't spend all your money on these.

Instead, shop lower-end trendy finds like these!


09. Sticky bras / Nipple covers

I can't believe there was ever a time I overpaid for these. These silicone adhesive nipple covers are grossly overpriced. Instead get these:


10. Crop tops

It's the age of the crop top, and this just means they are available everywhere and at every price point. For that small amount of fabric and minimal design, you should never overpay for a crop top.



Have any recommendations to add to this list?

Let us know in the comments below!



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