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How to Always Look Put Together: Personal Care

Updated: Sep 28

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how to always look put together by taking care of yourself

The secret to looking Expensive

We all know that ONE person. That ONE person who no matter how cheap their outfit is, they always manage to look luxurious. They look like it took them a full 3 hours to get ready, yet they've somehow also managed to also make it look effortless.

The secret is quite simple... they always look put-together.

Looking put together, makes you look elegant, expensive, and successful. It makes you look like you have mastered the art of taking care of yourself and how you present yourself to the world.

What does it mean to look put together? After reading countless articles on this, I've realized it just comes down to mastering 5 main things:

  • Self Care Routines / Daily Habits

  • Attention to Detail

  • Timeless Personal Style

  • Quality-looking Accessories

  • Organized and Balanced Life

... I'm already exhausted.

But there is a secret to easily achieving everything on this list, a rule I live my life by:

Keep it easy to maintain. Work Smarter not Harder.

Maintaining is the ultimate key to looking put-together. I based this entire website on this philosophy. I hope you find something of value in my guides and honestly hope to engage with you in your long journey of self-curation because anything worth learning to better yourself will take time and effort.

What if it's impossible for you to do everything I recommend?

That's ok! Changing a few little things can add up and have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance and confidence. So try one or try all, because any change you make for yourself is a change worth making.

I've split my master list into 5 posts that I update with new ideas as I continue my own journey and receive feedback from all of you.

So don't forget to subscribe and follow me @thefinerefine on Pinterest and Instagram for updates!

how to always look put together chapter one
how to look put together chapter II how to choose undergarments
how to look put together chapter 3
how to always look put together chapter IV
how to always look put together

01. Opt for natural, neutral or nude nails and toenails

how to always look put together by taking care of your nails

Keep your nails clean and filed. If you have the time to go to the nail salon every two weeks for a professional quality manicure and pedicure, then, by all means, go crazy with your nail colors.


The general rule here is: Keep things maintainable because the only thing worse than un-manicured nails is noticeably overgrown and chipped nail polish.

If you lead a busy life and can't keep up with salon appointments, keep them nude, clear, or as close to your natural nail tone as possible.


Because that line of demarcation between the nail polish and the new nail growth will not be noticeable and neither will chips in the polish. This extends the life of your manicure and helps your hands LOOK taken care of even when they're not.


Links to my favorite Nearly Nude Nail Polishes for extra-long lasting Manicures: here.


02. Moisturize your feet while you sleep

You can have the most luxurious hermes sandals on the planet but if your feet are dry, crusty, and dirty you will still look sloppy and cheap.

The solution is to keep your nail salon appointments, but if you can't, follow this routine once a month:

  • Wash your feet with soap and lukewarm water or soak your feet for 30 minutes.

  • Clean, trim, and file your nails if needed.

  • Rub your heels with a pumice stone if needed on dry or rough areas.

  • Apply a cream moisturizer like Dionis Sole Keeper on the dry areas. (Never between your toes)

  • Apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to the same dry patches. (This seals the moisture in)

  • Put on a clean pair of socks and leave them on overnight.

  • Rinse your feet the next morning if there is any residual stickiness.

  • Paint your nails using a nude, clear, or neutral polish.

This routine will help you keep your feet moisturized and looking good without having to go to the nail salon.

how to always look put together by taming your edges and baby hairs

03. Tame your flyaways, edges, and baby hairs

No matter what your hair type. We all have flyaways and baby hairs.

Avoid razoring them. This only brings bumpy skin, acne, uneven edges, and regret.

Why are they so important?

These frame your face so taking care of these will make it look like your hair is done up, even when it's not.

For example:

A simple ponytail with a thousand flyaways will look casual and like you rushed out of your home.

A simple ponytail with no flyaways looks sleek and intentional.

Master your edges and your hair will always look polished and elegant.


Links to noteworthy affordable products to tame your flyaways, edges and baby hairs here.



04. Keep your hair close to your natural shade

The easiest way to keep your hair color fresh and not have to worry about colorist appointments is keeping it natural.

But if you really don't like your natural hair color try these long-lasting - low maintenance options;

  • Balayage - When done RIGHT you can have them for months before you have to go in for a touch-up, just try to keep these close to your natural hair color to avoid a streaky appearance.

  • Ombre - As your roots grow they will just be adding to the ombre effect meaning you'll just end up cutting off the bleached or colored parts of your hair.

  • Gloss - Basically lip gloss for your hair. A hair treatment that gives your hair color a boost in shine and hydration.

  • If you don't want to overspend on hair gloss check out John Frieda's Gloss line here. I get a Cellophane Gloss every 3 months for shiny hair.


04. Tweeze every day

I've made a habit of tweezing my eyebrows every day. I keep my tweezers next to my facewash, so every day after I wash my face I tweeze the area below my eyebrows and unibrow. I definitely don't shape them, I just clean them. This allows me to extend the time between threading appointments.

While you're at it invest in Good Tweezers, these are the only tweezers that grab ALL of my hairs, even the tiny ones.


05. Sweat Stains are NOT your friend

If you're a sweaty betty you know that underarm sweat stains (aka pit stains) can ruin your entire outfit and make you feel extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Nowadays, there are SO many solutions for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) that you don't have to live with embarrassing wet armpits.

Check out my post on Sweat Solutions for a more comprehensive guide on antiperspirants, prescriptions, and procedures you can get to reduce underarm sweat.


06. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

This goes for your hair, your body, your teeth, your home, your makeup brushes... I can keep going...

The way you care for yourself speaks volumes on how you feel about yourself and we've already covered self-love here. Nowadays, there is no excuse for oily grungy-looking hair.

"But I can't wash my hair every day!"

You don't have to wash your hair every single day (In fact you shouldn't), It's 2022 and we have options available to us that keep our hair fresh and cleaner for longer!



07. Visit your Dentist

Your smile is your BEST feature. All you need to do to look ten times better than you do right now is SMILE. That being said you need to take care of that smile.

So make time and see your Dentist and address your concerns.

If you are thinking about whitening, but you think you're teeth are too sensitive for it, try Crest Whitening emulsions. I recently received this as a gift, I added it to my routine and I have had NO SENSITIVITY at all and the formulation works very well.

This is the first whitening treatment that has not caused me sensitivity!


08. Visit your Dermatologist

We have a bad habit of just trusting what other people have to say about skincare products. Keep in mind that the $80 product an influencer is recommending may work wonders for them but that doesn't mean it will work wonders for you.

So why not splurge and get a custom recommendation based on your specific needs by a licensed professional in that field?

I thank my Dermatologist for getting me out of over-spending on beauty products. Finding the RIGHT Dermatologist is everything. Just like making friends, it's very important to feel comfortable discussing your concerns and insecurities with your Dermatologist.

A good Dermatologist can also help you save money by recommending specific OTC brands that work and by prescribing certain medications that are more powerful than anything you could ever find at Sephora.

If you can't visit your Derm, follow an expert on Instagram, like @ShereeneIdriss; A Board Certified Dermatologist who gives educated skincare advice on Instagram.


09. Fill in your hairline

A quick and easy way to elevate your look is to fill in the gaps in your hairline. These are a little more noticeable if you have light skin and dark hair. Use hairline powder to slightly make those gaps darker. Your face will look more symmetrical and your hairline will look sleeker.


Related: Shop Smarter: Don't Splurge on these 8 Beauty Products


10. Posture

I'm sure you've been scolded before but Stand up straight and carry yourself with confidence. Bettering your posture is not only great for your back but it can even make you look taller, slimmer, and make double chins less noticeable. So make an effort and work on that posture.

If you find you are struggling with keeping your posture using a posture brace can help you further develop this habit.


Check out our How to look taller series for more tips!


11. Master your Everyday Make-up

If you struggle with doing your everyday makeup or think you don't have enough time to do it in the mornings. Take a step back and simplify your makeup routine.

  • Organize your everyday cosmetics: keep them accessible so you can get ready at a moment's notice.

  • Choose a focal point: If you're going heavy on your eyes keep your lips simple and vice versa.

  • Work with your undertone: Choose colors that will complement your undertone for an effortless look. Don't know your undertone? Find out here.

You're more likely to ALWAYS do your makeup if it's quick and easy to do.


12. Have a Signature Scent

Having a signature scent and making sure you always smell good is one of the most important details in your journey to always looking put together.

Scent adds that touch of femininity to your look even if you're not wearing anything particularly feminine.

If you don't have one already, start by adding a perfume with mass appeal like YSL: Libre and Marc Jacobs: Daisy.


13. Be kind to the Earth

Keep it sustainable when you can. That, in turn, takes care of your wallet. Most recently I swapped cotton rounds and cotton balls for re-useable, machine-washable rounds. This will save me time and money in the long run, leaving my hard-earned cash for more important splurges.


14. Choose a Haircut that's compatible with Your Hair Type

I once made the mistake of getting a LOB (long bob) with bangs. I have very frizzy and textured hair so my LOB turned into a mushroom cap.

I don't think I have ever regretted something MORE in my entire life.

So work with your hair type! If you know you're not going to get up and put time and effort into styling your hair then opt for haircuts that work with your natural texture.


15. Moisturize

This is self-explanatory. Ashy elbows and skin look like you didn't put much effort in. Get a bit of color while you're at it and opt for a moisturizer that gradually tans as well to give you a lovely sin-kissed glow.

Tan-Luxe - The Gradual


The takeaway from all of these? Keep it simple, Keep it easy and you will always look your best!


Continue reading How to look put together Chapter II: Undergarments


I hope this starts you off on the path to always looking good and boosting your confidence!

Have a tip to add to this list?

Let me know below!




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