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How to Always Look Put Together: Personal Care

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

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how to always look put together by taking care of yourself

The key to Always Looking Expensive

We all know that ONE person. That ONE person who, no matter how cheap their outfit, they always manage to look expensive.

They look like it took them a full 3 hours to get ready, yet they've somehow managed to also make it look effortless.

Well, her secret was quite simple... she always looked put together.

Looking put together, makes you look elegant, expensive, and successful. It makes you look like you have mastered the art of taking care of yourself and how you present yourself to the world.

What does it mean to look put together? After reading countless articles on this, I've realized it just comes down to embodying 5 main things:

  • Impeccable Self Care

  • Attention to Detail

  • Timeless Style

  • Quality-looking Accessories

  • Organized and Balanced Life

... I'm already exhausted.

But there is a secret to easily embodying everything on this list, a rule I live my life by:

Keep it easy to maintain.

Maintaining is the ultimate key to looking put-together. I based this entire website on this philosophy. I hope you find something of value in my guides and honestly hope to engage with you in your long journey of self-curation because anything worth learning to better yourself will take time and effort.

What if it's impossible for you to do everything I recommend?

That's ok! changing a few little things can add up and have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance and confidence. So try one or try all, because any change you make for yourself is a change worth making.

I've split my master list into 5 posts that I update with new ideas as I continue my own journey.

how to always look put together chapter one
how to look put together chapter II how to choose undergarments
how to look put together chapter 3
how to always look put together chapter IV
how to always look put together

01. Opt for natural, neutral or nude nails and toenails

how to always look put together by taking care of your nails

Keep your nails clean and filed. If you have the time to go to the nail salon every two weeks for a professional quality manicure and pedicure, then, by all means, go crazy with your nail colors.


The general rule here is: Keep things maintainable because the only thing worse than un-manicured nails is noticeably overgrown and chipped nail polish.

If you lead a busy life and can't keep up with salon appointments, keep them nude, clear, or as close to your natural nail tone as possible.


Because that line between the nail polish and the new nail growth will not be noticeable and neither will chips in the polish. This extends the life of your manicure and helps your hands LOOK taken care of even when they're not.

Links to my favorite Nearly Nude Nail Polishes for extra-long lasting Manicures:

Essie - Topless and Barefoot

Expressie - Buns up

Essie Gel Couture - Fairy Taylor

02. Moisturize your feet while you sleep

You can have the most luxurious sandals on the planet but if your feet are dry, crusty, and dirty you will still look sloppy and cheap.

The solution is to keep your nail salon appointments, but if you can't, follow this routine once a month:

  • Wash your feet with soap and lukewarm water or soak your feet for 30 minutes.

  • Clean, trim, and file your nails if needed.

  • Rub your heels with a pumice stone if needed on dry or rough areas.

  • Apply a cream moisturizer like Dionis Sole Keeper on the dry areas. (Never between your toes)

  • Apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to the same dry patches. (This seals the moisture in)

  • Put on a clean pair of socks and leave them on overnight.

  • Rinse your feet the next morning if there is any residual stickiness.

  • Paint your nails using a nude, clear, or neutral polish.

This routine will help you keep your feet moisturized and looking good without having to go to the nail salon.

how to always look put together by taming your edges and baby hairs

03. Tame your flyaways, edges, and baby hairs

No matter what your hair type. We all have them. Take extra care of them, treat them gently, and avoid razoring them. This only brings bumpy skin, acne, uneven edges, and regret.

Why are they so important?

These frame your face so taking care of these will make it look like your hair is done up, even when it's not.

For example:

A simple ponytail with a thousand flyaways will look casual.

A simple ponytail with no flyaways looks sleek.

Master your edges and your hair will always look polished and elegant.

Links to noteworthy affordable products to tame your mane:

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04. Keep your hair close to your natural shade

The easiest way to keep your hair color fresh and not have to worry about colorist appointments is keeping it natural.