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Best Products for Dry Frizzy Hair

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

*This is a curated collection of products perfect for dry, damaged, frizzy hair. If this is not your hair type these are not the products for you. *

*I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) for purchases made through the links provided, it's how I keep this page running and how I am able to continue to share my experiences with you all. I have personally used ALL of the items mentioned below and only recommend what has worked for me :).

dry frizzy hair products


01. The Cleansing Conditioners

Shampoos are a frizzy-haired maidens worst enemy... They strip you're already dry hair of natural oils. Cleansing Conditioners are your friend. They are gentle while still providing much needed moisture.


02. The Scalp Treatments

Dry, frizzy hair is usually accompanied by a dry, itchy, scaly scalp. There are 3 main ingredients you should know about when it comes to your scalp:

  1. Salicylic Acid

  2. Coal Tar

  3. Ketoconazole

The trinity of scalp-care, these ingredients provide Keratolytic, Antifungal and Antiinflammatory properties.

Currently: I use Salicylic Acid 3x per week (Every other day) I wash my scalp using either a Coal Tar or a Ketoconazole wash which I apply directly on my scalp using a dropper. **This is very tedious but it is the only way the product goes directly on to my scalp without getting lost in my hair.


03. The Hair Masks

Hair masking has changed so much throughout the years so I keep 3-4 masks in rotation depending on what my needs are.

If I have to treat my scalp (cause its itchy or scaly) I like to use Olaplex #3 because you can apply this to your hair all the way through to your ends and then apply your scalp treatment giving both enough time to work their magic before you even hop in ths shower.

*This is also a great routine to do while doing some housework, you can actually get things done while your products are working their magic.

If I am on a tight schedule K18 is my best friend. You just have to wash your hair and then apply K18 (NO RINSING REQUIRED). This is perfect for those quick morning showers.

If I'm giving myself an at home relaxing shower, I like to use a traditional hair mask like Briogeo, .


04. Preventing Breakage

The #1 rule with dry, frizzy hair is prevent breakage at all costs. That means use products that will be super gentle with your hair. Products that will reduce friction, pulling, static and knotting.


05. Shine Boosters

Try to avoid hair dyes at all costs but if you're trying to boost your natural color adding glosses to your routine will elevate your natural hair color without the damage.


06. The Heat Stylers

I truly believe a lot of my success with my routines is largely due to getting rid of my old heat stylers and investing in Dyson's product line. A LOT went in to the development of these stylers and my hair can tell. I limit my use of heat styling to the the weekends and try to give my hair breaks from heat styling as much as possible.


07. The Air Drying Aids

If I'm not heat styling then you can find me wrapping hair around these super cringy rods and praying no one comes by for a surprise visit.


08. The Stylers

A compilation of products I use to get a sleek ponytail, make my curls last or simply be able to extend the life of my blowout by yet another day.


09. The Tool Keepers

Listen, making your vanity or bathroom countertop feel like a hair salon is half the battle. It certainly provides part of the motivation to do your hair. My must have, FAVORITE thing to own is a hot tool organizer. No one wants to be pulling out a hair dryer and unwrapping and detangling a cord for 5 minutes before they blow out their hair. Getting organized is half the battle.


10. The Best Kept Secret

You clean your makeup brushes (I mean.. I hope you do) so why not your hair brush?

Keep your tools clean. OMG how could this have escaped me for so long? It probably is escaping you as well... YOU NEED to clean your combs, hair brushes and hot tools. YOU NEED to. When you go too long before cleaning your comb you are just combing your hair with filth.


11. Last but not least my secret weapon: Keratin

Albeit this brand has a controversial past, it has since reformulated its Keratin treatments and I am a convert. GK Keratin treatments have made my hair a lot more manageable. I do the treatments myself (outdoors too cause the smell is pretty powerful) and I only place products on my roots. This means I use very little of it and only on problem areas.


**Caution some hair care products containing formol have proven to be carcinogenic. Read more about this at:


What's been working for your frizzy, dry hair? Got any tips for me? Send me a message !

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