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Sleek and Elegant Sneakers to Elevate your Style

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

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Where to get sleek and elegant sneakers for every budget.

I am constantly asked if I ever dress down or if I ever look less put together, even though I do dress down... it is MY version of dressing down. In my own way, I manage to still look like a lot of thought went into my outfit even though I just threw something on. I changed up a lot of things in order to get to this point.

Mainly, I started shopping intentionally.

All this means is I started to shop smarter: I put together a shopping checklist; a few rules that guide my shopping habits to keep my closet always functional and true to my personal style. Check it out here.

These little changes made an effortlessly cohesive closet possible.

One of the best things I added to my wardrobe are sleek elegant sneakers:

Check out my picks below!

5 elegant sneakers that will help elevate your style


01. M.Gemi: The Palestra Minimo

These all-white leather sneakers with hand-sewn soles are timeless. Their very minimal design makes these very elegant, sophisticated, and perfect for those who want to dress down without losing their lux-appeal.

Get the look for less:


02. Rothy's: The Chelsea Boot

The even sleeker Chelsea Boot offers a higher ankle perfect for colder weather months in gorgeous colors and will probably be the most comfortable shoes you ever own. Get the look for less here:


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03. APL: Techloom Breeze and Techloom Bliss

This influencer favorite is popular with reason. They're great running shoes that manage to tie sporty and sleek together without losing out on performance value or style.

Get the look for less:


04. Everlane: The Court Sneaker

If you haven't shopped Everlane it is my go-to for silk and cashmere affordable finds. Now it's introduced great sneakers. I love the Court Sneaker in black leather. It has a great silhouette and will never go out of style.

Get the look for less:


05. Vessi: Women's Cityscape

You should always own a pair of sleek weather-proof shoes. Women's Cityscape Sneakers are waterproof AND stylish. No longer do you have to wear chunky boots when rain tries to ruin your plans.

Get the look for less:




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