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Elevate your Hair in 10 Steps

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

*Disclaimer: Purchases made through the links provided on may result in a commission to us at no additional cost to you. For more information please read our full disclaimer.

washing your hair to get better hair and elevate it.

01. Establish your hair profile

hair profile with thick frizzy damaged dry curly hair

Get to know your hair before you judge it.

  • What's your hair type? learn here.

  • What's your hair color? Is it colored? is it damaged?

  • How long is your hair?

  • How thick/fine or oily/dry is your hair?

  • Do you have scalp issues like Psoriasis, Dandruff, or Hair Loss? Learn more here.

Most hairstylists will draw their own conclusions about your hair but YOU know your hair best. Haircare starts at home so try to do your best to answer the questions and develop your profile so you can start to make smarter purchases.

Fill in the blanks below to get started!

blank hair profile to find ways to elevate your hair


02. Visit your Dermatologist

If you're lucky enough to not have hair or scalp conditions then you can skip this step. But any scalp and hair volume issues should be directly addressed by a MEDICAL DOCTOR and not a hairstylist.


03. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

No matter what your hair profile, the way you care for yourself speaks volumes on how you feel about yourself. And we've already covered self-love here. So whatever your hair-type there is no excuse for having a smelly, oily, itchy head of hair.

"But I can't wash my hair every day!"

You don't have to wash your hair every single day, It's 2020 and we have options available to us that keep our hair fresh and cleaner for longer!

"But I don't have time to wash my hair."

YES. YOU. DO. *Insert clap emojis*


See some of my favorite products to keep my hair fresh and clean below.


04. Choose the right hair color for your undertone

You can have whatever hair color your heart desires, but knowing your skin undertone (If you don't know what your undertone is you can find it here) helps you choose between different tones of the same color, for example, if you want black hair:

  • If you have Warm skin undertones like Shay Mitchell - choose a warmer Brown-Black.

  • If you have Cool skin undertones like Mindy Kaling - choose a cooler Jet-Black.

  • If you have Neutral skin undertones like Julia Roberts, you pull off most hair colors!


05. Choose the right Hair Color for your Lifestyle

If you can't keep up with colorist appointments it's best to keep your hair as close to your natural shade as possible or try these low maintenance options;

  • Balayage - When done RIGHT you can have them for months before you have to go in for a touch-up, just try to keep these close to your natural hair color to avoid a streaky appearance.

  • Ombre - As your roots grow they will just be adding to the ombre effect meaning you'll just end up cutting off the bleached or colored parts of your hair.

  • Gloss - Basically lip gloss for your hair. A hair treatment that gives your natural hair color a boost in shine and hydration. If you don't want to overspend on hair gloss check out John Frieda's Gloss line here. I get a Cellophane every 3 months for shiny hair.

  • Color depositing shampoos and conditioners - like John Frieda's color depositing line. It doesn't get any easier than this.


06. Fly-aways, Edges, and Baby Hairs OH MY!

These frame your face so take extra care of them, treat them gently and avoid razoring them. This only brings bumpy skin, uneven edges, and regret.

Master your edges and your hair will always look polished and elegant.

Use either an Edge Brush or a new unused HARD bristle toothbrush and apply hair spray or pomade and brush your hair into place.


Noteworthy affordable products to tame your mane:

Noteworthy expensive products to tame your mane:


07. Never cut corners when it comes to haircuts

Always go to the professionals.

How many times have I tried to cut my bangs... How many times have I tried to follow a youtube tutorial? I live in perpetual bad haircut rehab mode.

Things to consider when choosing a haircut:

  • How much time are you willing to spend styling it every day?

  • Does your line of work require you to have your hair pulled back?

  • Do you mind hair on your face?

  • If your hair air dries with this new cut... will you look like a poodle will you look flat?

We all look great when we leave the salon with a fresh cut and blowout. The real test is when you're running late and you just washed your hair and you have no time to style it and your cut is not ponytail or top-knot friendly.

If you can't manage your hair in a few minutes you can't possibly expect to look put together all the time.

Opt for something that you can maintain and style easily so you always look put together.


08. Use the right products for your hair type.

Take your hair profile and with your goals in mind, shop for products that are specifically formulated for your hair type and your concerns. Seach for reviews, Research, Research, Research.


09. Follow influencers or vloggers who share your hair type.

My hair twin is influencer/beauty vlogger Melissa Alatorre. I have come across countless helpful and insightful tips on hair care from her because we struggle with the same issues and have the same hair profile.

I CANNOT follow Marianna Hewitt's advice for hair care because (although she is very good at hair) she has thin, 2a hair. The products and techniques she uses wouldn't work for my thick 2c-3a hair.


10. Establish a plan using your hair profile as a guide:

Let's use mine as an example:

My Plan:

- GK Keratin treatment

- Cellophane Gloss treatment

- Kept hair long with thick long layers

- I visited my dermatologist for help with Seborrheic Dermatitis.

- Chose Kerastase, Briogeo, John Frieda Drunk Elephant, and Living Proof products that work with my hair type and goals in mind.

Able to check off everything in my goals list!





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