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How to make Old Clothes look Expensive

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So you want to LOOK EXPENSIVE but considering these uncertain times it just doesn't make much sense to fork over a ton of cash for outfits you really can't wear anywhere.

Well, in these uncertain times I've turned to my existing closet to find items that I then spruce up. All of this sprucing up has made me quite the alterations fanatic and I've picked up a few little tricks along the way. #8 is by far my favorite.

So for all of you newcomers to the world of revamping I'm gonna round up a few nifty little things you can do to your current wardrobe to make it look more luxe without breaking the bank.


So what makes clothing look expensive? It all comes down to 3 things:

  • Tailoring - A garment that fits you well.

  • Details - A garment that has something that makes it special: the texture, the buttons, the color.

  • Condition - A garment that is not stretched out, pilled, wrinkled, dirty, torn etc..


With these 3 things in mind here are 10 little tricks you can try to revamp your current wardrobe or your pre-loved items.


01. Trim loose threads and pilling

Make an old sweater look BRAND new by trimming loose threads and de-pilling them. Doing this doesn't take very long and it can make your old shirts and sweaters look almost brand new.

*Tip: use actual thread snippers or cuticle snippers to cut loose threads for a cleaner cut.


02. Fix that Funky Fit

How many shirts do you own that fit you well enough to wear... but not quite well enough for you to feel good in them? Clothing typically doesn't fit every body type unless it's in a very very stretchy material.

My closet used to reek of stretchy fabrics because these were the only fabrics I could find that fit me well without having to splurge on alterations.

So I learned to hand-sew, taking in a little bit allowed me to love old shirts again!

I turned some of my "never wear again shirts" into "fits like a glove" shirts.

If you're not brave enough to tackle a shirt you like, start experimenting with a shirt or garment you never wear anyway, once you've mastered a little stitch you can alter the old shirts you DO like.

Can't do it yourself? Take it to the experts, just make sure the cost of fixing the garment is worth it!


03. Switch out the Buttons

Nothing looks cheaper than plastic buttons. These buttons are standard in most fast fashion brands and they look as if they were an afterthought in the design process. Well switching out those plastic buttons for pearl, gold, silver, tortoise, statement buttons... really ANY other button will make your outfit look more polished and sophisticated than plastic buttons.



04. Even expensive clothing will look cheap when it's wrinkled

That's right, looking expensive does not necessarily mean buying expensive items and wearing them out. That's why Personal Care and Undergarments are such important chapters in my "How to Look Put Together Guides".

** Invest in a steamer, its space-saving, safe for most fabrics, and gets the job done.


05. Clean your Shoes and Change your Laces

Bring older shoes back to life by simply changing the laces and giving them a good scrub and polishing!


06. Swap out the strap on that old handbag

I love to switch up the chains and straps on my cheaper handbags or just add them on as embellishments.


07. Embellish your clothing and accessories

...And by embellish, I do NOT mean "bedazzle" or anything resembling a rhinestone.

Studs, collar chains, pins, and brooches are some of my favorite ways to spice up any shirt or accessory.

One of my favorite little hacks is adding clip-on earrings to shirt collars!


08. Turn that ill-fitting shirt that always gets untucked into a Bodysuit

Just use Mitten Clips to turn any shirt into a Bodysuit, just clip the shirt between your legs.

I use these for work shirts all the time because the last thing I need is to look sloppy at work.


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