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How to Shop for Expensive-Looking Clothing at SheIn & Romwe: 10 Hacks

Updated: May 2

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SHEIN is definitely one of my favorite online retailers to use when I want to hunt for affordable fashion. That being said, it is also the most difficult retailer to shop from (IMHO) because for every singular well-made, quality piece you find... there are roughly 100 poorly made, cheap-looking pieces.

But fear not, while it is difficult and time-consuming it is certainly not impossible. Shopping for expensive-looking clothing at SheIn can be done by putting in the work. I've been shopping this retailer for years now and have gathered a few tips to help you find those rare, diamond in the rough, pieces that'll make you look like a million bucks without actually spending a million bucks.

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01. Filter by Category

Filters are your best friend when shopping, they'll help you narrow down your search and limit your inspections to only the items that check off every box. So start your filtering by whatever it is you’re shopping for: a skirt, a Sweater, a Dress, etc...

I filtered by "women - tops" below and found a whopping 995 products. Way too much stock to go through so continue filtering in step #2.

02. Filter by Material

how to shop shein elegant fabrics to choose

We need to keep narrowing down those results. This is a list of the more expensive-looking fabrics available on SHEIN.

There may be more of these depending on what's added to the store but for the most part these are the tried and true fabrics I tend to opt for to ensure some level of quality to your options.

*Note: Polyester is a tricky fabric... it can either look very expensive (depending on the fit) or very cheap.

03. Filter by Color

You filtered by category and by fabric so now either filter by the colors that tend to look more elegant. Ie; Neutrals, Black, White, Pastels.


Filter by the colors you look best in. If you haven't found these colors yet I suggest finding your complementary colors here.

This narrows my search to 24 tops in the material selected and only in the colors that really fit into my wardrobe and complement my skin undertone.

04. Know your Measurements

SHEIN’s sizing guide varies for every single piece of clothing so you won't always be a medium, so have measuring tape handy so you can verify your measurements and choose your size accordingly. SHEIN sometimes provides garment lengths and other useful information that can help you determine whether the item will fit well.

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05. Read the reviews and zoom into those pictures

The devil is in the details. You can tell if a product will look cheap by looking at the details:

  • Where the seams are placed and how straight they are.

  • Misaligned prints

  • Closures: Crooked zippers vs invisible zippers

  • Uneven stitching

  • Raw edges

  • Crooked hemline

  • How sheer the material is

  • Cheap plastic buttons

  • No lining

Here's an example:

The belts pictured below are both SHEIN and both cost around $6.

  • Belt A looks like it costs more than $6.

  • Belt B looks like cheap.

It's all about educating the eye to look at things in detail!

Black croc leather belts cheap vs expensive

06. Know what you're in for and be prepared for alterations

SHEIN is mainly a low-quality fast fashion brand so KNOW that you're not going to get long-lasting pieces but rather pieces that look better than what they cost. I can live with that for the price. Besides, sometimes all you need to do to make your little cheap blazer look more polished is to switch out the buttons or take a little stitch somewhere. Styling can work miracles too.

Some of the categories with better quality here include Earrings, belts, and scarves.

Mine are all in perfect condition after a TON of wear.

07. Save with Honey and get Cashback with Rakuten

The only thing better than SHEIN's incredibly low prices is that you can stack on the savings! SHEIN always has an extra 20% off code (code changes so you have to do a little bit off searching) but most of the time I use Honey.

Honey is a wonderful website that's free to join and automatically tries promo codes for you at checkout and then chooses the best one for you.

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Rakuten is also a free website that gives you cashback just for using their links to stores and then sends you a check in the mail. No strings attached!

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Rakuten usually provides 2-8% (cashback) at SheIn. (*% varies)

08. Be on the lookout for designer-inspired products

SheIn is notorious for not only duping luxury designer-inspired styles but also for duping more affordable retailers like Zara, Mango, and Reformation to name a few. Whether this is entirely ethical or not can only be determined by you.