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The Smooth Operator Organization Method

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Organizing for your lifestyle and personality is not an easy task, you have to be a bit more logical and 100% honest with your likes, dislikes, and habits.

I'm not here to judge, I'm here to help you become more organized and efficient in YOUR OWN WAY and in a way that you can MAINTAIN yourself.

Smooth Operators are my favorite to help get organized because I AM a Smooth Operator myself and therefore have tons of little strategies of my own to share.

The key to getting and staying organized for us is simplicity.

Less Steps = More Efficiency!

If you don't identify with this organization personality type or method you may not be a "Smooth Operator" find the best method for your personality here.

Here are a few tips and organizing aids to help you get started!

Set up Stations

The answer to almost every Smooth Operator space and organizing issue is creating stations. This is my favorite thing to recommend to Smooth Organizers and the feedback is incredible.


It is the easiest way to streamline your routines or tasks and this is what is most important to Smooth Operators.

Here are 9 stations I've either created myself or recommended to Smooth Operators

01. Create a Landing Spot/Launchpad

If you're a Smooth Operator and you haven't set this up in your home it will make you happier than any other little improvement you make.

A landing spot has many names; mudroom, launchpad, entryway system. It's basically the area closest to your usual home entry or your coat closet. While some homes are lucky enough to boast built-in exquisite mudrooms with hooks and shelving galore. In most homes, the landing spot is composed of a bowl for your keys.

While a key bowl works great for some, Smooth Operators thrive on efficient systems so I recommend keeping all of your "for use outside of the home" items in the area closest to your entry.

Items for your Landing Spot/Launchpad:

  • Face Masks

  • Umbrellas

  • Sunglasses

  • Dog Leash/ Pet Accesories

  • Running/Outdoor Fitness accessories

  • Everyday shoes

  • Keys

  • Shopping Bags

  • Everyday handbags

  • Mail container/letter opener

Think you don't have space for this? Check out my mini-mudroom for renters post. ANYONE can have a strategic and functional launchpad, even if you're a renter!

Here are some of my favorite organizing aids for your entryway:

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02. Hair Station

The less you have to struggle to actually get something done the more likely you are to do it. That is especially true in the case of Smooth Operators. Your hair station should consist of the products and styling tools you use on a regular basis and NOT the products/tools you use for special occasions. The key is to streamline and simplify things.

The best upgrade you can do is invest in hot tool organizers and keep these accessible.

03. Makeup Station

Keep your everyday makeup essentials in one drawer. I know, I know it looks so nice to have all of your lipsticks perfectly lined up, prim, proper, and beautiful but the novelty of Instagram-worthy makeup shelves/drawers wears off fast for Smooth Operators. You value flow and efficiency above all else.

So leave the perfectly aligned palettes for the Domestic Goddesses, and keep your daily products in ONE shelf, drawer, or bag.

By limiting your options to ONE drawer or bin you reduce decision fatigue from having to decide which lipstick/blush combo to do today, you reduce the amount of time you spend looking for what you want and it reduces clean up time after you're done because everything goes back in the same drawer.