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Speed Clean your Entire Home

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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speed clean your entire home

I wasn’t always the cleanest person. In fact, I used to be one of those people who would only clean and tidy up when someone was coming over.

I would hysterically run around my place hiding piles of clothes with a Swiffer duster in one hand a Clorox wipe in the other. In those 45 minutes before someone came over, I would get more done than I would in an entire month.

There is no greater incentive to clean than wanting to appear like you have your life together.

I wasn't proud of myself. So little by little I changed my habits. But, I am who I am, so my lazy girl self always found ways to work smarter and not harder. And while my present self cringes at the thought of how I used to live, I must admit it taught me some key things.

The main thing I learned is that having a tidy home had nothing to do with cleaning and everything to do with organizing and decluttering.


You can't speed clean a home that is chaotic, cluttered, and not efficiently set up. You have to get the chaos under control and then you can maintain it through speed cleaning.

The goal is to make your home easy to live in and especially easy to care for. The easier it is to care for your home the easier it will be to have more time and space for actually LIVING and enjoying it!

Check out my Cleaning Hacks below!

01. Get Organized

Ever since I organized and decluttered every space in my home cleaning has become easier and much less time-consuming. If you want to learn how to properly declutter your space like a professional organizer, check out my guide to decluttering here.

Need extra help getting organized?

Request your FREE Personalized Organizing Plan from a Certified Professional Organizer.

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02. Keep the items you use to clean a particular room, IN that room.

I realized I did a lot of back and forth from one room to another when trying to speed clean. So I started keeping everything I need to clean a room in that particular room.

This also helps you MAINTAIN your place because seeing your cleaning items reminds you to do a quick touch-up and having your tools handy makes that touch-up less of a hassle. If cleaning becomes less of a hassle you'll be more likely to clean and tidy up more often.

If you don't have the space to keep items in the room then try to use universal cleaners and bring them with you from room to room in an apron, a caddie, or tool belt.

  • I keep a Swiffer Duster and Febreeze in my bedroom. Every time I see it, I'm reminded to give the dressers in the bedroom a 1-minute dusting.

  • I keep a Swiffer Duster, Pledge Wipes, Windex, and a roll of Paper Towel in a living room drawer. Cleaning takes 2 minutes and everything I need to be able to do it is right there.

  • Keep all of your bathroom cleaning items in the bathroom. Every time you see something needs a touch up: Go for it!

  • Keep your kitchen cleaning items under the kitchen sink.

Learn how to maximize your under the sink space here.

03. Pre-sort your Laundry

What a game-changer. Cut down on laundry time by having a split-hamper or multiple hampers/baskets. Hampers that are made for sorting make laundry quicker and easier because they force everyone to sort their clothes as soon as they take them off.

The system I use includes 3 bins and 1 mesh bra bag.

  • Bin 1: Colors

  • Bin 2: Whites

  • Bin 3: Delicates

04. Not enough space for Pre-sorting?

Try Shout's Color Catcher and don't even worry about pre-sorting.

05. Clear your countertops of Clutter

Only keep the essential items on countertops. This way you can give it a quick wipe down without having to move other items around.

Need more help decluttering your countertops? Check out an entire post dedicated to this essential step: here.

06. Use a daily shower cleaner solution and a toilet bowl aid

Spray your shower daily so that when it comes time to clean not much will need to be done. Toilet bowl aids help keep your toilet fresher and cleaner for longer. If you're having trouble decluttering your bathroom check out my guide here.

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07. Keep a floor cleaning solution in a spray bottle in your kitchen

There are always spills and accidents wherever food is involved. Having a small mopping solution in your kitchen will allow you to spray the mess quickly and conveniently without having to go into your broom closet.

08. Keep your garbage bags at the bottom of your garbage bin

As soon as you remove one you have another one right there to replace it. In other words, keep your refills where you will need them. Keep your toilet paper, shampoos, and soaps in the bathroom where they will be used.

- If you need to make space for items try to declutter or re-arrange:

For example, One thing I was doing wrong was keeping all my hair styling stuff in the bathroom. I like to do my hair in the bedroom. So even though it may not make sense for everyone to keep their hair stuff in a bedroom drawer it made the most sense for ME and also cleared up some valuable space in my bathroom.

09. Keep a "Donate" or "Sell" box in your closet

Make money while you declutter! I read this on a blog a few years ago and decided to try this out. So I set up an extra hamper and threw in all the items I rarely used, both clothing items and decorative items I no longer wanted!

I then went through the items and posted them on Poshmark and Mercari to my surprise, I made over $400 from old clothes, random home decor items, accessories and electronics.

*If you haven't tried Poshmark use code "TheFineRefine" for a $10 credit!

10. The more you own the more you have to dust

Small decorative items and knick-knacks are a hassle to clean. I realized that having ONE large decorative item has more design impact than having TEN little decorative items cluttering my surfaces.

speed clean surfaces with decorative items

If you find you're attached to some items and are struggling with decluttering check out my guide on decluttering here.