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How to get Organized according to your Personality

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

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A while back I decided I wanted that beautiful instagram-style kitchen look. Matching containers, perfect labels, and beautiful food. So I decanted pastas, sugars, spices all into beautiful jars and bins.

It was all fun and games until I bought more pasta... I realized, given the amount of space I had, I couldn't fit another pasta container. To make matters worse, styling a beautiful cabinet is also pretty darn expensive.

As a Professional Organizer, not being able to maintain my OWN organizing system really got to me. I mean, how can I preach about organizing if I was unable to have insta-worthy cabinets myself?

So I went back to the drawing board and took a hard look at my life, routines, and expenses to develop a system that I could work with and maintain with minimal effort.

If you've read any of my previous posts, you know I live for minimal effort-maximum impact ideas. The "work smarter, not harder" life hacks are my go-to for everything.

Creating a system that worked for my personality meant keeping my pasta in the box it came in, instead of decanting into beautiful clear containers. This made me come to terms with the fact that not having picture-worthy cabinets DID NOT make me any less organized.

This is why I've made organizing for people's personalities and capabilities rather than for what looks good in a picture my #1 goal in business.

Because after all, being able to maintain the systems you put into place is what will actually bring about the positive effects getting organized can have on your life.

So how do you get to know someone in a 20-minute consultation?

I like to ask people which one of my "Organizer Personalities" they relate to most, and which one of them they aspire to be.

Organization-Personality Types

01. The Smooth Operator

"Work Smarter, Not Harder"

The Organizing System for your Personality

Smooth Operators are naturally highly organized, productive, and logical. Organizing is less about ESTHETICS and more about EFFICIENCY.

Their belongings don't need to be contained in glass jars with exquisite cursive labels. They just need their items accessible and located exactly where they will be used.

They're the logisticians of the bunch and don't care if an item doesn't ideally belong where it's located or if it looks out of place, as long as it serves its purpose there.

They prefer hidden storage to display storage because visual simplicity allows for better focus.

They are great at decluttering since they do not get emotionally attached to their possessions but also don't take great care of their possessions for the very same reason.

Their homes are usually well-kept but not because they enjoy cleaning. They live for the "work smarter, not harder" life hacks and LOVE to incorporate tech-solutions to make tasks smoother and faster. Having less to take care of at home means less stress and more relaxing.

Does this sound like you?

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02. The Perfectionist

"A place for everything and everything in its place!"

The Organizing System for your Personality

Perfectionists are esthetic organizers. Their homes are spotless and typically look like they've been professionally styled.

They DO NOT procrastinate, which is why clutter is virtually non-existent in their homes.

They love to have designated areas where kids/pets can play (away from their white couches and valuables).

They love to display their aesthetically-appropriate belongings and love styling shelves, built-ins, couches, and coffee tables.

Perfectionists are also micro-organizers, there is always a subsection within a section within a zone.

They take great pride in their organization skills and love to show them off.

Does this sound like you?

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03. The Illusionist

"Out of sight, Out of mind"

The Organizing System for your Personality

Illusionists are masters of deception. They appear like they've got everything together on the surface but one quick look inside their closet and you will be amazed at the chaos.

They're a hot mess in disguise but their hot-messiness kinda works for them.

They keep themselves clean, well dressed, and groomed. They care deeply about esthetics but lack the discipline to micro-organize the way Perfectionists do.

Illusionists are expert MACRO-organizers, while you won't find their clothes on their bedroom floor you will find it on their closet floor and that's where it's supposed to be right? Close enough.

Their surfaces may be clear of clutter but that's because it's all hidden in drawers.

They prefer broad categories, large bins, and LOTS of hidden storage to keep their items from overwhelming them.

They live for tidying up FAST and keeping their messes out of sight. For the most part, they can be OK with a concealed mess, and if this keeps them going who are we to judge?

Does this sound like you?

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04. The Nurturer

"Others needs before my own"

The Organizing System for your Personality

Nurturer's are the selfless angels of the bunch. Their walls filled with doodles and growth charts. Their fridges adorned with school art projects and extracurricular calendars. You can find toys EVERYWHERE.

Nurturer's put everyone else's needs before their own and that goes for their organization systems, they make sure their families have their lunch ready, schoolwork ready, haircuts scheduled, pets bathed, and everything taken care of before they take care of themselves or their areas of the home.

If you're a Nurterer you've likely asked yourself "Did I eat today?" "When was the last time I had a haircut or bought something for myself?"

Nurturers take excellent care of their family's possessions but cannot seem to put that effort into their own possessions. Their needs always take a back seat to the families, however, this is what makes them genuinely happy.

They have great organizing systems in place for the family but little organization and/or effort is put into their own possessions and self-care. Nurturers tend to forget how important it is for them to recharge and spoil themselves so that they are able to be their best self for others.

Does this sound like you?

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05. The Collector

"More is More"

The Organizing System for your Personality

Collectors have everything they need and then some. They're known to have multiples of everything and they just LOVE to keep random items around the house "just in case" they ever need them in the future.

Collectors are sensitive and get emotionally attached to their possessions, making it very difficult for them to declutter. Because they care about their belongings they take very good care of their possessions making sure they're clean and well-kept.

They prefer display storage to hidden storage because it's very important for them to be able to see their belongings.

They also tend to believe the solution to getting their cramped closets and drawers organized is to get another storage bin rather than downsizing.

To them, the home is storage space and as long as there is more storage space they can continue to accumulate stuff. Collectors are also very giving and generous so the key to creating a positive purge or decluttering experience is to try and find new "homes" for their belongings by selling, donating, and gifting.

Does this sound like you?

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06. The Pacifist

"Live and Let Live"

The Organizing System for your Personality

Flexible, easy-going, empathetic, and level headed. Pacifists just want a harmonious place to live in where they can enjoy the simple things in life.

They don't dislike clutter as long as its meaningful, beautiful, or useful. Their go with the flow attitudes and lack of urgency means they will eventually get things done... just not right now.

A precise, structured life and system is hard for them to maintain. They need custom personality-specific systems that require little to no maintenance because for the most part, they're ok with a little mess.

They meticulously care for the things they value, but have complete disregard for the things they don't value.

A good example is they will water and tend to their plants religiously, but won't fold or put away their laundry until they need the laundry basket for the next load.

Does this sound like you?

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07. The Socialite

"Life is the best party I've ever been invited to"

The Organizing System for your Personality

The most HIGH ENERGY of the bunch, they're not only the center of attention at a gathering, they're also hosting it, and bringing the fun with them wherever they go.

The home is usually an after-thought. They prefer going out, to staying in, and their homes are a reflection of that.

They have everything they need to get by, but there is no real logical order to anything except for the entertainment areas.

They have an abundance of entertaining aids, from games to serving trays and either have, or WISH they had even MORE entertainment areas in their home.

Gathering with friends and family is a weekly must, and no matter how hectic of a week they've just had, they are always down to make it happen.

They take good care of themselves and can be high maintenance but this usually doesn't translate to the home. Their self-care, beauty, and grooming aids can be found scattered about their surfaces.

Socialites deserve and should aspire to have a home that is organized, designed, and focused on entertaining. Open floor plans, large patios, large tables, bars, extra seating everywhere etc...

Making their home THE best place to gather is what will ultimately feed their soul and keep them motivated to keep their home tidy, organized, and presentable.

Does this sound like you?

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08. The Treasure Hunter

"Nothing haunts me like the things I didn't buy"

The Organizing System for your Personality

The person who has brand new everything, or the latest technology, or is trying out the new workout or the latest trend.

Treasure hunters love the hunt and process of acquiring items more than they like the items themselves. They're the consumers of the bunch, always searching for the next big sale.

They love NEW stuff but as soon as they own something and use it a few times they move on to their next hunt or hobby, always looking for that next high.

They usually don't accept that this is them. They don't view their shopping habits as bad because they don't spend a lot.

They differ from collectors in that they do not get emotionally attached to their possessions. To them, getting rid of something opens up the opportunity to buy something new to take its place.

Treasure hunters tend to focus their shopping energy on one category be it fashion, home decor, hobbies, tech, or entertainment. They love a good sale and the thrill of finding something of value in the mess that is TJMaxx and Marshalls.

Treasure hunters also love to look GOOD, style is higher on their list of priorities than keeping their homes in order. There are very few systems in place in their home but they value good cleaning hacks so they can spend less time on that and more time shopping.

Treasure hunters are also very passionate about their discoveries and eager to share their finds with everyone. Their homes are usually trendier, and something is always undergoing some form of improvement.

Does this sound like you?

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09. The Creator

"Calm my chaos, but never silence my storm"

The Organizing System for your Personality

Creators have explosive personalities to accompany their turbulent and passionate way of living. They can't manage to focus on their home and surroundings because their minds are busy creating, calculating, innovating.

Their places can be unkept, and even lack designated areas for eating and sleeping.

They have no organization system in place, rarely buy anything, wear the same things constantly, and for the most part exist to create.

They typically don't conform to cookie-cutter career paths and lack the discipline to get ahead in any type of structured environment.

They let their creative juices flow freely and are exceptional artists, inventors, engineers, innovators, influencers, and scientists. They live their lives for their passions and color outside the lines of convention. They require that their spaces adapt to them, instead of them adapting to their spaces.

Traditional homes are too restrictive for them, they need their organization systems to be original and custom-made to fit their unconventional needs. They're forces to be reckoned with who also need very personalized support.

Does this sound like you?

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10. The Adventurer