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Why I Started my Blog on Wix

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

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start a blog on wix


Why did I start a Blog?

I have always been very passionate about being frugal without sacrificing my aesthetic. I would send a friend a list of all the requirements an item needed to have before I bought it online, send another friend my hair routine, and other just general recommendations of products I considered steals for the value they added to their closets.

These little tips soon became something I was known for, and that is when I decided to get serious about starting a blog. To share what I know to be useful and hope it affects someone positively.

Today is a very nice side-hustle for me but mostly this blog provides a creative outlet for my interest in timeless style, practical beauty, and organized living.

Not to mention, there is a huge upside to blogging besides the extra earnings here and there, and that is meeting like-minded people from around the world.


(I do answer your questions on these topics* just contact me here.)



Why WIX?

The main reason: It was easy.

It's 2020 and gone are the days when you have to know CODE in order to build a website.

I was lucky enough to already have friends that were blogging before me, and while they both used a different service to get their sites up and running they both warned me of the amount of time and work required to make a blog.

My friends also warned that starting was the hardest part and that most people who, like me, had no experience with marketing or computers eventually succumb to "creative fatigue" and abandon their blogs.

What on earth is creative fatigue?

Well, think of yourself as an author, and you put 80% of your time and energy into the cover of your book, well now you're only left with 20% energy to put into the pages.

In blog terms, the website itself is the "cover" and the blog posts are the "pages". Why would you spend so much time on the cover?

Never forget that the most important thing on your blog is your content. Because after all, your content is what will drive people to your blog.

I decided I would put in 80% effort into my content and 20% into my website so I went with the easiest site-builder out there: WIX.

My friends were both astonished at how, in less than a month, my blog was up and running and I was already posting and creating content. That's because WIX is extremely user friendly and once you're done with a certain task, it tells you what to do next.

I was ecstatic when I started to see one of my post series: How To Always Look Put Together started to get traction without much promotion on my part. While there are things that could be better about WIX you can create your website and transfer later when you're a little more tech-savvy.

I knew NOTHING about blogging and here I am today making a side-income as a part-time blogger. Will WIX work for everyone? No.

If you have a background in computers and marketing you may not need the specialized help WIX offers, but if you're a newbie like me it's worth every penny.


why i use wix to blog

You can start NOW for FREE

You can start building your website here for free!


Pull the Trigger

If you're serious about getting started using WIX check out this youtube video on how to build a WIX website by Greg Gottfried. I didn't start working on my website until I saw this video. I literally made my website while watching it and it only took me a couple of hours.

In two and a half weeks I already had enough blog posts to go live with my website and finally pulled the trigger, went premium, and purchased the domain. Let me tell you, there's something about paying for a service that pushes you to get your butt to work and get your money's worth.


Other Simple and Easy to Use Resources I depend on

As a Blogger who is not tech-savvy, I need to find ways to make tasks easier on me and still be able to keep up with my full-time job. So I compiled a list of the resources I need to have in order to make the most of my time and skills.

Before I got Grammarly I thought I was a decent writer. Once I installed the extension on my browser my post was highlighted red from top to bottom. If you write anything online, you need the Grammarly extension because it not only spell-checks for you it also gives you alternative words to use. If I can do it, so can you!

I'm sure you already know Pinterest is the driving force behind most blogs but who has time to pin all day? Who has time to pin at super relevant times of the day?

I for one do not. So Tailwind makes it super easy for me to pin everything I need to pin just ONE time a day. This way I can use my time for actual writing.

I had no idea how to make pinnable images so a friend recommended Adobe Spark. And WOW how complicated, It was too time-consuming but that's because it was likely meant for someone a little more tech-savvy than me. So I opted for Canva it is EASY, FAST, and has a ton of images for you to use not only as pinnable images but to create content as well.

Get Canva here.

Monetize your blog from the very start by displaying ads. Infolinks has been the perfect starter ad service and you can join with virtually NO subscribers and less than 1000 page views a month.


In the last few months of blogging, I have realized there is a very large blogging community that loves to SHARE. Bloggers love to share experiences, share wisdom, and share stories. I have been lucky enough to correspond with many bloggers and love to pay that forward!

If you have questions about my experiences so far, please feel free to contact me here.

Good luck and don't give up!


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