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10 Ways to Score extra Rent The Runway Return Bags

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

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10 ways to score extra rent the runway return bags


You're already using RTR but are incredibly frustrated about turnaround time?

You're wondering if paying for Unlimited is even worth it?

You're ready to downgrade to RTR Update because you're only using about 5 rentals a month due to how long shipping and processing takes.




Well, that was my case for a few months until I finally got 4 return bags and learned how to make the most of my subscription.

Now I use around 16-20 pieces a month and this is well worth RTR's Unlimited price tag.

Your ultimate goal is to have at least 4 return bags so that you can wear a garment once and return it immediately.


Here are my Hacks to Scoring an extra Return Bag


01. Purchase an item

When you purchase one of your at-home rentals a spot immediately opens up and you are able to choose an item and have it shipped to you in a new garment bag.


02. Take your rentals to a return kiosk

If you live near a RTR store or drop off box then drop off your rentals using the RTR scanner and voila you have another spot open and ítems will be shipped to you in a new garment bag. You can find these return locations here.


03. Order bulkier items together

For example when you order 2 handbags and 2 coats you RTR cannot package this into 1 garment bag alone. So they will have to ship in 2 garment bags or boxes.


04. Ask a friend for a garment bag

Some people have loads of return bags. I have given out around 6 RTR bags to friends in need, or friends who don’t have a RTR drop off location nearby.

Rent the runway 15 hacks to make the most of your unlimited subscription


05. Ship an item yourself

*You will have to cover shipping but it will open up a spot for you.


06. Add an extra spot

While you have to pay for that extra spot, you will have an extra bag for the extra item.


07. Send your items back with a friend

RTR scans the item, so you can send your garment along with your friends in the same bag. This will open a spot and you'll be able to get a new return bag.


08. Contact customer service

RTR boasts excellent customer service and they will allow you to ship an item before you fill the rest of your spots.

*Contact info for RTR:  or 1.800.509.0842


09. Wait it Out

If a garment you chose is no longer available, wait it out. At the time of shipping, the rest of your order will ship and you will still have that open spot. Then you can choose something else the next day and it will be shipped in a separate bag.


10. Order home items

Ie: a pillow, a sheet set. These items will always be sent in separate shipments.


Bonus: Just choose one item and wait it out. At the end of the workday, your selected item will ship out. Good luck!

Rent the runway hacks to make the most out of your unlimited subscription


Have an extra RTR return bag hack?

Comment below and share it with your community of renters!



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