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Organize your Bathroom in 15 Steps

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

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Organize your bathroom in 15 steps

A practical and thoughtfully organized home is something to marvel at.

It reduces stress, makes cleaning less of a hassle, and saves money.

How can I save?

When you know where everything is, you don't have to run out and buy a nail clipper every time you can't find one of the 20 you already own. Little things add up in life!

Just ask my Target receipts.

I don't have the time

Organizing does not have to take that long.

It is only time-consuming when you don't know what you're doing and you're not following a plan.

So let's start with your bathroom, one of the hardest spaces to organize due to its usual small size.



01. One space at a time

If your ultimate goal is to organize your entire home, take it one step at a time. Let's focus on one project at a time and see it through. This makes decluttering and organizing less overwhelming.

We'll do the easiest spaces first and the hardest last.

  • First: Countertops (Easiest)

  • Second: Shower

  • Third: Medicine cabinet

  • Fourth: Under the sink or drawers (Hardest)

This same order can be applied to other rooms and spaces.


02. Bring your organization kit

organizing kit

What's in my kit?

  • My cleaning must-haves: Clorox Wipes, Swiffer Duster, Febreeze Air Freshener, gloves

  • Tape measure, paper and pen.

  • "Trash" bag, "Donate" bag, "Sell" bag.


03. Clear

Clear out the ONE space you're trying to organize. (Remember one space at a time)

Every last thing should be removed from the space and set aside for sorting.

Cleaning and organizing the bathroom

04. Clean

  • Assess the space: check for leaks, pests, damages, etc...

  • Clean and disinfect the space.

  • Prepare the space: place shelf liners (if needed), dryer sheets(in drawers), replace bathroom curtains or liners, pest control, etc..

measuring the bathroom

05. Measure the space

Measure the area you are working with so you can maximize the space when you buy organizing products and containers.


06. Sort

Sort your items into 4 piles:

  1. Toys - items that are entertaining and frequently used. (Ex: your speaker, candles, books)

  2. Tools - items that are useful and frequently used. (Ex: hairbrush, shampoo)

  3. Treasures - items that have sentimental value but have no use. (Ex: antique hand mirror)

  4. Trash - items that are rarely used, are not entertaining, are expired, damaged or items you have more than one of. (Ex: expired make-up, the shampoo you don't use anymore, that sponge that smells weird, that old epilator you hate, the 10 extra nail clippers you found and that extra beard trimmer)

Trash tools treasure toys method of sorting and organizing

*Disclaimer: this organization strategy was covered in the book: Guide to Becoming a Professional Organizer by FabJob. Linked here.


07. Edit Tools

Group the like items in your tool pile together and EDIT.

One of the main reasons bathrooms get messy is PRODUCT EXCESS. Yes, as a woman with dry, frizzy, hard to manage hair I too had excess products that I swore were necessary. BUT I have now learned that I can manage my hair just as well with JUST the essentials. Go through your "TOOLS" and revise how much stuff you actually need.

Products you bought but don't use anymore because you don't like them or you found something better should be re-located to the TRASH pile.


08. Edit Toys

If you're the type of person who likes to read in the bathroom, skim through magazines, play music while you soak then these are your bathroom TOYS.

Make sure you clean these and only keep what you're actually going to use. Anything you won't gets relocated to the TRASH pile.


09. Edit Treasures

Display or Transform your treasures. for example: Refill your grandmother's vintage bottles with your own perfume or hang her vintage hand mirror. Sentimental items should be treated as such and if you're just going to stuff them in a box are they really treasures?


10. Edit Trash

Go through your trash pile and sort items into your DISCARD bag, DONATE bag or your SELL bag. Nothing should be leftover unless it is an item that DIDN'T belong in the bathroom to begin with.



11. Determine where you want to place your items

Establish where to place items according to their frequency of use. How often you reach for an item will determine which drawer or shelf you should place an item in.

For example, your toothbrush and facewash should always be readily accessible because it is something you use multiple times a day (I hope). Whereas your hot tools and tweezers should be stored away until you need to use them.

Start to place your items in the spaces you would like them to be using the containers you already have available.


12. Contain your tools

Consolidate your like tools and remove them from their original packaging. A good example for this is Pads, toilet paper and tampons pictured below. If you want a matchy-matchy space grab your measurements and head to the store or shop online for containers that fit your space.

If you want to save a little use the containers you already have. They don't have to match for the space to look organized.


organize bathroom vertical space creative solutions

13. Creative solutions for the surplus

Once you've filled every space in your available storage areas look at whatever was left without a home. Find creative solutions for those extra items and utilize vertical space and dead space.

Vertical space - are your walls and doors.

Dead space - is usually that corner behind and next to the toilet.

organize bathroom with labels

14. Label

You don't have to go out and get all fancy with these, but if you share a bathroom labeling will help everyone keep the space organized.

Check out my favorite portable label maker:


15. Maintain

It's hard to keep spaces organized so maintenance is always recommended. Do a once over at the end of each season this way your systems are not undone.


Hope this method helps!

If you find this doesn't work for you and need some extra help feel free to contact me here for more tips and tricks.



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