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Professional Organizer TCS Favorites: Bathroom

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Professional Organizer shares The Container Store Favorites

My partner (like many) hates shopping trips and his least favorite store in the universe is The Container Store... I can spend HOURS here just browsing, measuring, gazing, and flat out fantasizing about what I would do with everything in it.

As a Professional Organizer, The Container Store is one of my go-to's when I need something a little more high end, sturdy and long-lasting.


Check out some of my favorite Container Store bathroom organizing products below!


In-Shower Products

Professional Organizer Tip: When organizing your shower be on the lookout for WIDE organizers or asymmetrical organizers. Hair and beauty products are bulky and can be Tall having a wide organizer with shelving that allows for taller products will provide enough space so you don't have to over-flow your products into the corners of your tub or shower. Those corners should be kept clear so the shower looks better and is easier to clean.

container store favorite bathroom organizers


Under the sink

Professional Organizer Tip: Under-the-sink organizing can be so overwhelming without the proper products. The best way to maximize your space is to create shelving using adjustable organizers.

under the sink organizer

Another great alternative is to create drawers under the sink like the ones I've linked below.

I especially like using drawers to house hair tools: straightener, hairdryer, curling irons, etc... It keeps the cords hidden and they won't get tangled with each other.

professional organizers favorite under the sink organizer

Silver 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer


Creative Under the Sink solutions

You need to keep your bathroom cleaning essentials handy, the more accessible they are the more likely you are to keep your bathroom clean. Over-the-Cabinet-Door products are exceptionally great when it comes to creating readily accessible storage where there is none.

Professional Organizer tip: Keep the load light in these, you don't want to damage the hinges on your cabinet doors.

over the cabinet door favorite organizer

over the cabinet door organizer from the container store



I personally prefer to leave countertops clutter-free but if you're working with little storage opt for decorative baskets and glass jars that both contain and hide the clutter.

counter top canisters for your bathroom

countertop canisters for bathroom

White Square Lacquered Canisters


Hair Care and Styling Tools

While I still prefer to keep these messy items in Drawers if you must place these on countertops make sure they are still somewhat contained in baskets, boxes, or containers specifically designed for hot tools.

container store favorites for hair care tools

The Home Edit: Hair Tool Holder


Medicine Cabinet

Clear is best. You want to be able to see your items so opt for clear organizers like these and don't forget to use the cabinet doors to hang Command caddies and hooks.

clear containers from the container store

clear container from the container store

iDesign Linus Cabinet Organizer

stick on containers

3M Command Clear Caddies


Over the door

The best over-the-door organizing products are the ones that lay almost flat against the door. The bulkier the item we place on the door the less the door will open. Also, keep in mind that if you get a bulky organizer when you open your door and bang it against the wall you'll end up with marks on your wall that take away from the "clean bathroom look".

towel hanger over the door from the container store


Over the Toilet

For the tiniest bathrooms (Hello apartment living NYC) these spaces are crucial. While shelving works best some apartments don't allow for that so opt for standalone storage options.

over the toilet storage


That's it for my TCS bathroom organizer favorites if you need extra help designing a space that is truly efficient, contact me here for product recommendations according to your space and measurements.



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