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Shop Smarter: 8 Beauty Splurges that are Worth the Money

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

*Disclaimer: Purchases made through the links provided on this page may result in a commission to us at no additional cost to you. For more information please read our full disclaimer.

When it comes to beauty and style, I like to be smart with my money. Knowing where to invest and where to cut back is key to not over-spend for your appearance's sake.

But sometimes buying 3 cheap bad products = the cost of 1 good and long-lasting product. There are a few things you just can't skimp on and here are a few of my favorite Beauty Splurges.

8 beauty expenses worth every penny


01. Dermatologist

We have a bad habit of just trusting what other people have to say about products. Keep in mind that the $80 product they're recommending may work wonders for them but won't necessarily work for you. So why not splurge and get a custom recommendation based on your specific needs by a licensed professional in that field??

I thank my Dermatologist for getting me out of the over-spending on beauty products. This is a definite splurge. Finding the RIGHT Dermatologist is everything. Just like making friends, it's very important to feel comfortable discussing your concerns and insecurities with your Dermatologist.

A good Dermatologist can also help you save money by recommending specific OTC brands that work and by prescribing certain medications so you don't have to get them from Sephora.

For example: My Derm had me switch 3 of my more expensive products for cheaper versions or prescription medications. I also got a great education out of my visit on what ingredients to look for and what to avoid altogether for my personal skincare needs and goals.

If you can't visit your Derm next best thing is to follow an expert on Instagram, like @ShereeneIdriss; Board Certified Dermatologist who gives educated advice on Instagram.


02. Vitamin C

After consulting my Derm, the obvious addition to my skincare regimen as I entered my 30's was Vitamin C. This extremely potent and effective little cure-all is extremely trendy at the moment BUT my first cheap Vitamin C serum was greasy and tacky, a consistency I found in many other Vitamin C serums. After trying several serums I understand they all have similar tackiness BUT Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Vitamin C Day Serum absorbs super FAST. So I don't have to feel tacky all day or apply make-up before my serum is fully absorbed.

splurge on hair color

03. Hair Color

Nothing makes you look cheaper faster than a streaky ashy hair color that looks like you did it yourself.

Do yourself a favor and let the professionals work their magic and DO bring inspiration photos.

You most certainly don't want to DESCRIBE what you want but rather SHOW them the results you desire.


04. On that same note... Hair Cut

While I do cut my own hair, I only do so because A. My hair is mid-back length, B. I only trim my ends and C. My best friend and professional hairstylist taught me HOW to cut my OWN hair.

But please leave the hair cutting to the experts.


05. Laser Hair removal

Laser hair removal for the WIN. I used to spend a ton on different products for facial hair removal, gels for shaving and, specific razors for every part of my body.

I can't recommend Laser Hair Removal enough. The amount of time, convenience AND money I save now are astonishing. Of course, this all depends on whether or not you are a candidate for laser hair removal.

But if you are this is life-changing.

beauty services worth the money how to get rid of underarm sweat

06. Sweat solutions

Staying away from certain colors or certain styles because you're more likely to have underarm sweat stains if you use these is something NO ONE should have to deal with.

No one wants a pit stain. And if you don't know what solutions are available to you check out my post on them here.


06. Foundation and Concealer

Listen, my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation lasts 3 x as long as my drugstore favorite: Revlon. Think of it as buying in bulk with the added benefit of better coverage, better for your skin and smoother appearance.

I think this is a no brainer: Foundation and Concealers are a well worth it splurge.


07. Dental

Ok, so teeth whitening is more accessible than ever. BUT. Is it worth the minimal change? and possible hypersensitivity to your teeth?

Before you try an OTC instant teeth bleaching kit please see your Dentist. Bleaching kits make other tooth flaws stand out MORE and bleaching will not whiten your existing restorations (better known as fillings) so if you have fillings PLEASE go for a professional dental whitening.


08. Hot tools

Splurge, Splurge, Splurge.

Heat damage to our hair is something that is for the most part irreversible. No matter how many corrective treatments you put your hair through after. I spent a ton on Dyson hairdryers but let me tell you they are worth every penny. My hair is longer and stronger than it has ever been.




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