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Shop Smarter: The Best Makeup Remover

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

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Best make up remover affordable and sustainable

Affordable Sustainable Smart

I am always on the lookout for these qualities in the products I buy AND the products I recommend. Among my goals for the year are:

1. Purchase more re-usable items

2. Be more budget-conscious

If you're like me, you use a LOT of disposable beauty aids (make-up remover wipes, cotton rounds, and cotton balls).

So when I got a free sample of The Original MakeUp Eraser® a few months ago I was ecstatic! It's truly a great re-usable product.

I have found the perfect solution to replace cotton pads or cotton balls for whatever your makeup, skincare, or nail care needs for a fraction of the price of popular brands. I have been using these for a little over a month now and they have completely replaced my cotton pads and cotton balls. They're saving me money, time and they are SO good for my extremely sensitive skin.

Why I love these magical little towels

Makeup removing facial cleansing towel

1. Affordable

2. Super soft and kind to my extremely sensitive skin (I can't use regular face towels)

3. Removes 90% of my makeup with just warm water.

4. Add micellar water for extra makeup removing juice. (ie; waterproof products)

5. Machine washable.

6. I take one to the gym (Perfect size).

7. I can remove my TOUGHEST to remove masks with it.

I currently own 10 which I keep on rotation and machine wash after both ends of the towel have been used.

*Never re-use an area you've already used


You should know: Removing your make-up using these towels does not substitute for washing your face with a cleanser after.


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Best make up remover affordable and sustainable


Have any other sustainable, smart, and affordable beauty products?

Share them below,

Mother Nature thanks you!



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