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70 Easy Swaps to Look More Expensive

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

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swaps to look more expensive

01. Jewelry Swaps

It's actually quite simple to fake expensive jewelry, and with brands like BaubleBar, Miranda Frye, Amazon, and Mejuri creating demi-fine jewelry you don't even have to spend THAT much on the real thing.

Recommended swaps:

  • Oversized Hoops for Thicker, Mid-sized hoops.

  • Colored studs for Diamond-like studs.

  • Long, statement earrings for daintier, diamond-like earrings.

  • Chunky Bangles for delicate bangles and wristlets.

  • Beaded bracelets for pearl bracelets.

  • Statement necklaces and chokers for pearl necklaces and chains.


Expensive-looking yet affordable jewelry

swaps to look more expensive

02. Glasses Swaps

Opt for dark classic styles to elevate your look, you can find great quality for less at Warby Parker and Prive Revaux.

Recommended Swaps:

  • Trendy, intricate designs for classic frames.

  • Colored lens for dark lens.

  • Neon and trendy colored frames for Dark, classic colored frames.

  • Shuttered glasses for mirrored glasses.

  • Tiny sunglasses for larger sunglasses.

  • Tiny classic eyeglasses for more modernized glasses.


Expensive-looking yet affordable sunglasses

swaps to look more expensive

04. Accessory Swaps

Neutral colors and are your best friends when it comes to making accessories look expensive. NEVER over-spend on these, these can always be found for a lot less on websites like Shein and Amazon.

Recommended swaps:

  • Scrunchies and hair ties in vivid colors for scrunchies and hair ties that match your hair color.

  • Colored hair clips for bobby pins that match your hair color.

  • Baseball caps for wide rim hats.

  • Bright colored beanies for neutral-colored beanies.

  • Over-designed headbands for simple, classic headbands or headscarves.

  • Winter themed mittens for sleek luxe-looking leather gloves.


Expensive-looking yet affordable accessories


swaps to look more expensive

05. Top Swaps

Fit, fabric, and color are the most important things when it comes to making tops look expensive.

Recommended swaps:

  • Graphic, worn tees for fitted basic tees.

  • Unstructured necklines for structured necklines.

  • Plaid and flannel for classic shirts in a neutral color palette.

  • Altered animal print pattern (as pictured) for consistent animal print pattern.

  • Barely there low cut tops for classy low cut tops.

  • Themed sweaters for detailed well-constructed knits.


swaps to look more expensive

06. Nail Swaps

There's nothing cheaper than chipped, dirty, unmanicured hands and feet. This speaks volumes about how you take care of yourself.

Recommended swaps:

  • Super long nails for short, clean nails.

  • Metallic nail colors for matte or shiny nail colors.

  • Intricate and heavy nail designs for simple manicures.

  • Black nail polish for dark berry polish.

  • Unkept toenails for clean and polished toenails.

  • Colored french manicures for white french manicures.


swaps to look more expensive

07. Outerwear Swaps

Outerwear is all about SHAPE. If your outerwear is bulky and unstructured you will inevitably look sloppier.

Recommended swaps:

  • Cardigans and Sweaters for Tailored Suit Jackets

  • Hoodies for Bombers or Leather Jackets

  • Puffer jackets for Tailored Trench Coats and Parkas

  • Puffer vests for faux fur or wool vests.

  • Bleached jean vests for solid color vests

swaps to look more expensive

08. Shoe Swaps

Stay away from over-designed shoes. As a general rule opt for shoes that have a maximum of two colors to avoid looking cheap.

Recommended swaps:

  • Over designed and bright for simple designs in classic colors

  • Round toe for Pointy toed

  • Grungy sneakers for elegant ballet flats

  • Ugly sneakers for simple, classic sneakers in neutral tones

  • Bright wedges for traditional espadrilles

  • Flip flops for elegant sliders

  • Strappy, detailed sandals for elegant minimal sandals.

swaps to look more expensive

09. Shoe and Boot Swaps

Stay away from over-designed shoes. Keep your shoes sleek so they look more expensive.

Recommended swaps:

  • All-over Glitter pumps for classic pumps with elegant details.

  • Chunky combat boots for sleek sophisticated boots

  • Furry, chunky, design-heavy snow boots for sleek, neutral-toned boots

  • Pattern heavy designs for sleek designs

  • Chunky rain boots for sleeker rain boots

  • Crocs for sleek sneakers


swaps to look more expensive

10. Bottom Swaps

Look for well-fitting bottoms with uniform colors and well-done finishings. Make sure your pants don't scrunch up at your ankles or gap at your waist.

Don't be afraid of a little bit of needle and thread, give your pants a little nip and tuck to make them fit you perfectly.

Recommended Swaps:

  • Light wash jeans for Dark wash jeans

  • Ripped or heavy detailed jeans for well constructed and properly finished jeans

  • Short jean skirts for flowy midi-length skirts

  • Joggers for pants

  • Barely there jean shorts for more modest colored shorts

swaps to look more expensive

11. Dress Swaps

Simplified designs in neutral colors tend to look more expensive. Also, be wary of showing too much skin. Keep your outfit balanced by bringing attention to the top or the bottom.

Recommended Swaps:

  • Neon colors with prints for subtle muted colors.

  • Excessive ruffles for ruffles done in a balanced was (as pictured).

  • Showing too much skin for modestly demure.

  • Abstract prints for Geometric perfectly positioned prints.

swaps to look more expensive

12. Pattern Swaps

Almost every pattern will look more expensive and elevated in a neutral palette.

Recommended Swaps:

  • Zebra, Tiger, and Python for Leopard and Croc

  • Plaid, Tartan and Flannel for Houndstooth or Neutral Plaid

  • Chevron for Vertical and Horizontal stripes

  • Checkered print for Gingham

  • Large Print for Smaller Prints

  • Abstract prints for Geometric Prints

  • Ink Blot prints for Tye Dye prints

swaps to look more expensive

13. Swimsuit Swaps

Keep swimsuits very structured, this will do wonders for your body and give your support where you need it.

Recommended Swaps:

  • Unflattering patterns for patterns that complement your body.

  • Over-emebellished swimsuits for simple eye-catching patterns.

  • Over-designed swimsuits with plastic details for simple silhouettes with metal details.

  • Busy print that makes you look larger for dark swimsuits gathered at the waist.

  • Patterned cover-ups for simple solid cover ups


look expensive and put together


14. Makeup Swaps

Try to keep your makeup simple and natural.

Recommended Swaps:

  • Heavy eye makeup for subtle, natural makeup.

  • Over-drawn eyebrows for natural-looking eyebrows.

  • Harsh, streaky contouring for fresh, light contouring.

  • Synthetic looking lip colors for neutrals, reds, and pinks.


15. Hair Swaps

Try to keep your makeup simple and natural.

Recommended Swaps:

  • Overdone, heavy-detailed, ornate updo's for sleek elegant updos.

  • Messy top-knots for sleek ponytails.

  • Harsh, streaky highlights for natural well-done highlights.

  • Layered cuts, outward ends for blunt modern cuts.




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