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Where to Shop for Quality Basics

Updated: May 11, 2023

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I'm sure you've heard this before, but basics are the most important part of your wardrobe. They're the building blocks of your personal style. The best thing about basics is they are so minimally designed and traditionally cut you don't really have to SPLURGE to get a decent quality piece.

As a general rule no matter which retailer you end up shopping be mindful of the 3 F's

  • Fabric -- Stick to natural fibers and polyester.

  • Fit -- Remember the garment can look great on the model but be ill-fitting on you.

  • Fashion -- Stick to classic styles and avoid trendy pieces. (ie: puff sleeves, choker elements, etc.) It's not really a basic timeless piece if you won't be able to wear it for years.


As a Personal Shopper I have curated the Ultimate Retail List for Basics

(Listed from most affordable ($) to luxury ($$$$)*


01. SHEIN ( $ )

A diamond in the rough. While it's not easy to scour through pages and pages of clothes to find good quality pieces some of my favorite basics hail from SHEIN. If you need help shopping these sites check out our shopping hacks here.


02. UNIQLO ( $$ )

Uniqlo specializes timeless essentials. Their fabrics are some of the best on this list and the price point is chefs kiss!


03. Amazon ( $$ )

What can't you get at Amazon nowadays? It takes a lot longer to browse search and find these quality basics and essential pieces but with the easiest returns in the game why not order a bunch and try them all.


04. Banana Republic ( $$ - $$$ )

On the pricier side, nothing beats the effortless luxury, tailored fit or timelessness of Banana Republic's tops and pants.


05. Everlane ( $$-$$$ )

My very first silk and cashmere tops came from Everlane. Everlane produces higher quality garments at affordable prices without being overly trendy.

Great finds at Everlane: camisoles and sweaters in luxe fabrics like silk, cashmere, merino wool, and alpaca.


06. Ann Taylor ( $$-$$$ )

Better known as where your mom gets her sweaters, don't be fooled, due to consistent sales and great materials, Ann Taylor is one of the best places to get quality, well-made, expensive-looking basics.


07. Skims ( $$ )

When it comes to skin tight all-over smoothing pieces nobody does it like Skims.


08. Meshki ( $$ )

This Australian-brand has a huge influencer and celebrity following for a reason: Incredible fit and very high quality. The quality is exceptional but FYI sizes tend to run very small.


09. MANGO ( $$ - $$$)

You can't go wrong with Mango for knits and coats. Their fall-winter selection is usually higher end with fabulous materials. Their summer selections quality falters a bit, check the fabric before checking out.


10. Anemos ( $$$ )

Their minimal-trendy aesthetic is not for everyone, but there is no denying the fit, fabrics and designs are exceptional. They might be a tad more expensive than your mainstream mall-available brands BUT the finds here are worth it.


11. Anine Bing ( $$$ )

Influencer-favorite for a reason, Anine Bing basics exude effortless chic.


Don't know where to start building the closet of your dreams?

Follow me on LTK I shop, review, find and browse so you don't have to!

I'm always on the hunt for affordable luxury-look-alikes and designer inspired items. <3 Click the link below to follow!

where to get quality basics

Happy Shopping!



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