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How to Always Look Put Together: Undergarments

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

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Welcome to Part 2 of my How to Look Put Together Guides. If you haven't read Chapter 1 yet you can catch up here. Now that you've mastered Personal Care in Chapter 1 the next layer we're tackling on our journey to always looking effortlessly put together is how to choose the right Undergarments.


Why are undergarments so important?

I'm sure you're well aware of the fact that the wrong undergarment can make or break an outfit easily. Looking put together and feeling your best ultimately happens when you are comfortable, confident, and secure.

As women, undergarments are the under armor that help us get through the day looking and feeling our best. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of undergarment rules to live by in order to always look put together.


01. Avoid visible panty-lines

This is crucial. If you do one thing on this list this should be it. It is number one on my list for a reason. No one should be able to tell what kind of underwear you have on. Your underwear should mimic your body and not be noticeable. Visible panty lines cheapen your overall appearance.

This isn't something hard to achieve either, this a "shop smarter" type of situation. Your underwear drawer should reflect your body's specific needs and not what is trendy in underwear right now.

What are my options?

Opt for seamless designs, shapewear, or lace thongs. You won't have visible panty lines with these and they also won't create indentations along your hips.

Lace Thongs

Nothing hides panty lines quite like a lace thong. Where regular thongs still create an indentation on your hips or waist, lace thongs gently sit on your hips without giving you a muffin top.

Shop my favorite lace thongs here.


Seamless Underwear

Not the best of the bunch but a viable alternative. Seamless underwear are very comfortable, they are the perfect option if thongs are to riské for you and shapewear is too extra. Make sure you measure yourself and get the right size because getting a size too small will make the edges roll-up and cause even larger panty-lines.

Get my favorite seamless undies here.



Shapewear is the heavy-duty option for those skin-tight pants and dresses. Even if you're on the skinnier side, shapewear has a way of smoothing your body in all the right places elevating your outfit. Maybe a little too extra for the day-to-day, but definitely a necessary staple in your underwear drawer for those form-fitting pieces.

Shop my all-time can't live without favorite: here.


elevate your personal style


02. Stick to neutral colors in your undergarments

choose neutral palettes like these dunes for all of your undergarments in order to always look put together

Undergarments should be undetectable and choosing wild pinks and reds only limit what you can wear these with.

Colored undergarments take up precious drawer real estate and are used infrequently so are they really worth the money if you're not wearing them that often?

Stick to neutrals and flesh tones so you can wear these with every outfit, every day.

  • When wearing white or sheer clothing always wear undergarments that approximate your skin tone.

Check our my favorite t-shirt bras here.


03. Get the right bra size

If you're uncomfortable in your bra, odds are you're wearing the wrong size. Your bra should be there to aid you and not deter you from looking and feeling your best.

If you've never been professionally sized and would like to avoid going to a store, ThirdLove has, in my opinion, the most accurate and detailed online bra sizing questionnaire and guides. So just give it a quick try and confirm you have the right size, you might be surprised.

Also, keep in mind, Bra sizes vary slightly from brand to brand and style so trying on multiple bras is often the right way to find your perfect size and style for you.


04. Choose the right undergarment for the job


The beauty of a tasteful backless dress is an unobstructed view of the back. These also make you look taller and leaner.

Embrace adhesive solutions like stick-on bras and boob tape to look your best in this style.

Stay away from bras with clear straps and bands that take away from this delicate look.


Strapless, Halter Tops, Racerbacks, and Thin Straps

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when wearing these styles is wearing a t-shirt bra, halter bra or racerback bra. The straps will never be fully hidden in these.

Now, if you want to be comfortable, by all means, it is an acceptable choice.

If you want to look put together put in that extra effort and stick to strapless bras or stick-on bras.


Shirts and T-shirts

Shirts and T-shirts will cover most of your top so the wear everywhere, super comfortable t-shirt bra is perfect for these.

Tip: Try to buy seamless t-shirt bra's so you never have noticeable bumps from lace or other textures. Keep it smooth.

Also, remember to keep these close to your skin tone so you can wear these with every color shirt.


Low Cut and Plunging Necklines

While stick on bras may be the obvious choice here, they lack support.

Thankfully Plunge Bras exist, these provide coverage, support, and keep your breasts in place to further reduce the chance of wardrobe malfunctions.


05. Have designated period undies

After you spend time and money investing in smart, seamless undies that fit you perfectly and resemble your skin tone you need to protect these from Mother Nature. Having designated period-proof undies can protect your clothing from leaks and keep your underwear essentials stain free.

I have been using Thinx Period Proof Underwear for years, they are super absorbent and although I do use a diva cup while wearing them, I have had major leaks and these undies managed to keep me dry and stain free.

As someone who has a very heavy and painful period, I can confidently say Thinx Period Proof Underwear gives me the confidence to wear whatever I want during my period, even white!


04. Clean out your sock drawer

For me, socks are an undergarment, I shouldn't be able to see them. So I opt for no-show socks during the summer months. Benefits of only buying one type of sock:

  • Laundry is easier because all of them match

  • No-show socks means you don't have to search for a specific color to go with your dark sneakers versus your lighter sneakers.

  • Getting dressed is simplified because you only have 1 choice

how to always look put together chapter 3

Have any other tips?

Let me know in the comments below!



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