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How to Always Look Put Together: Accessories

Updated: Apr 21

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Welcome to Chapter IV of my How to Look Put Together Guides, If you haven't read the previous chapters you can catch up here or by using the links above. You're almost all the way through these guides but as I get feedback and discover new tips I will continue to update and add on to these!

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As you know by now, The Fine Refine was born to tackle the generalized misconception that in order for you to look expensive and refined you have to spend more. With this series, I hope to educate you on the little changes you can make to elevate your look and feel your best.

In this chapter, I'll be sharing tips and lessons I learned while trying to find accessories that look polished and expensive.


01. Mix your Metals, Leathers, Accessories

Accessories is where you're able to do this without throwing off your outfits balance.

In order to accessorize you need to have a defined personal style.


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02. Match your Hair Ties to your Hair Color

Hair ties, scrunchies, bobby pins;

Keep these as close to your hair color as possible. The goal here is to make your hair look sleeker and not create a distraction.


03. Invest in Well-Constructed Belts

Belts are probably my favorite accessory, they can make any outfit suddenly look polished put-together and expensive. The lesson here is how to spot a well-constructed belt. A belt that will look like it cost you five times what it actually did.

Be on the lookout for 3 things:

  • Hardware: Look for flawlessly finished metals

  • Stitching/Finishing: Everything must be finished with even stitching if present.

  • Materials: No plastics or elastics


04. Opt for Delicate Jewelry

Dainty and delicate jewelry tends to look more expensive and polished than larger flashier pieces.

Shop Smarter: Splurge on watches and rings. Save on earrings and necklaces.

Check out my Shop Smarter guide on what clothing and accessories to splurge and save on here.


05. Invest in Neutral Structured Handbags

Swap those designer logo and trend heavy handbags for structured well-made pieces in neutral colors. They will last you a long time and will elevate your wardrobe substantially.



06. Opt for Dark Sunglasses

Swap colored sunglass lenses for dark tinted lenses. Having a signature pair of dark shades makes you look chic and elegant.


06. Meet Accessory Dots

Accessory dots are smaller pieces of fashion tape that keep your accessories in place. I love to use these for scarves but I especially love these for those long belt straps.

I hate having a belt strap that pokes out at the side. To fix it I just place an accessory dot on the belt to keep it close to your body.


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The How to Look Put Together Guides will be updated regularly with new tips and finds!

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