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How to Always Look Put Together: Organization

Updated: Apr 21

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Welcome to Chapter 5 of my How to Look Put Together Guides, If you haven't read the previous chapters you can catch up here or by using the links above. Remember, as I get feedback, gain knowledge and experience I will continue to add on to these guides!

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If you lead a busy life, you may be thinking you can never implement a lot of the changes I've suggested throughout the first four chapters. Been there, and fear not because in this chapter we're covering everything organizing, I am a Professional Organizer after all!

How is Organizing an integral part of looking put together?

Putting systems into place will help make getting ready every morning easier, faster, and smoother. So invest a little bit of time organizing for efficiency and I assure you, you will have to put minimal effort into looking your best.


01. Getting ready in the Morning, starts the Night Before

Have designated pre-planned outfits. I can't begin to tell you how much time this saves me on mornings I can't be bothered. And if you're going to pre-plan outfits you need a place to store and display them.

When I lived in a tiny NYC apartment I used an over-the-door rack, now I have an entire stand-alone rack to organize and display pre-planned outfits!

Having a clothing rack also looks expensive, when it really isn't. Check out these options from Amazon for under $30 each!


02. Centralize your daily makeup must-haves

You have a daily signature make-up look, so keep everything you need to make it happen in the same place. I used to run around from the bedroom vanity to the bathroom just to wet a beauty blender and back to the bedroom in order to finish my makeup. Wasted time and energy.

Now I keep everything I need for my morning routine in the same place, and that includes my skin-care routine as well.


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03. Keep your closet both: Color and Event Coordinated

My closet is split up into 4 categories that work very well for me: Day, Night, Work, and Event.

Make as many (or few) sections as you need. Limiting your options makes it easier to put outfits together and minimizes decision fatigue.

Once you have your sections organize them by color from lighter colors to darker colors.

"But, I don't have space to do this"

I used to live in NYC in a tiny apartment and my closet was literally a door. ONE door. I had to get creative but managed to make it work and it is what ultimately taught me to shop smarter and always work towards that timeless wardrobe.

*This double rod was the best investment I made as it doubled up my hanging space.


04. Use the File Folding Method

Folding your clothes using the file-folding method will allow you to actually SEE everything you have when getting ready and not have to unfold and rummage through your drawers every time you're looking for a specific top.

After you file fold your clothes, use drawer dividers or bins to create structure within the drawer so the clothes don't fall over as you pull them out for use.


05. Keep your Jewelry Accessible

Out of sight, out of mind. You wouldn't believe how much stuff I forgot I ever had. Keeping your jewelry easily visible is a must if you're actually going to use it. That's why I opt for jewelry trays and boxes when organizing. Trays keep semi-fine and costume jewelry tarnish free for longer.


06. Keep your Frequently used Shoes Accessible

Keep your everyday shoes accessible and your event shoes enclosed. Keeping them enclosed will prevent dust from settling on them and allow them to keep their form rather than having them smushed with other shoes


07. Hang your Accessories

Use specialized accessory hangers, drawer trays, or multiple command hooks on the wall for hats, belts, ties, scarves, and other accessories.


07. Hang your Accessories

Keep your sets and co-ords together. I love these handy little hanger hooks to keep all of my sets together so I am not rummaging through drawers and hangers.


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The How to Look Put Together Guides will be updated regularly with new tips and finds!



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