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The Secret to Making your Home always Look Clean

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

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make your home look clean

It's actually quite simple to make your home look clean, even when it's not at all clean. It's simple yet SO many people find it to be the hardest thing to get done in their homes.

Ready? Here it is:


Keep your home free of clutter and knick-knacks.


What constitutes Clutter and Knick-Knacks?

They are usually small to medium-sized items that have no technical use or purpose where they currently are.

For example, one of my clients wanted an "easier to care for kitchen and extra prep space".

I explained that dish soap on the kitchen counter has a technical use and needs to be there. The ceramic rooster she also kept on the countertop had no technical use and should be relocated, donated, or sold.

"But it's decorative!"

"Yes, it is! But why not have extra and easy to clean counter space instead of a ceramic rooster?"

silent acceptance

I asked later on if she missed the rooster?


Sometimes you need that little nudge in the right direction because we can easily become attached to certain items that actually have NO impact in our lives.


Just an FYI: If you have any organizing questions or need a nudge feel free to reach out

> here < I am always HAPPY to help.


Why do I have to get rid of knick-knacks?

Clearing your spaces;

  1. Simplifies your life

  2. Makes your home look cleaner (even when it's not)

  3. Gives you more working and living space

  4. Makes you feel at peace in your own home

  5. Allows for increased concentration and productivity

Bonus: Clearing clutter can also help you make some much-needed cash by selling unwanted items. Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I experienced firsthand the mental benefits of decluttering. Professional Organizing and Blogging is NOT my main source of income, I have a Doctorate Degree and practice in a field that has nothing to do with either.

In my personal experience, I was never able to tap into my full potential in a disorganized and cluttered environment. When I finally adopted an organized and simplified lifestyle my productivity and focus skyrocketed.

Since I'm a nerd at heart, this inspired me to become a Certified Professional Organizer so I could learn MORE ways to be more productive and be able to have a positive impact on other people!

During these difficult times when homes are turning into offices and classrooms it's more important than ever to have a home that's functional.


How do I start simplifying my space?

If you've read my speed-cleaning post you should know by now that I live for the work smarter NOT harder ideas in life so I try to make my spaces as user-friendly and efficient as possible.

If this sounds like a philosophy you can relate to, grab a free professional organizing consultation, a personalized plan, and organization product recommendations compatible with your measurements AND budget here.


If you can tackle it yourself let's start with these 5 steps


01. Grab your tools

  • Trash bag

  • Donate bag

  • Sell bag


02. One section at a time

Try not to get overwhelmed. Start with one room and one section within that room.

For example, start with your living room - TV console.

This for me was one of the places I used to keep mementos I'd bring back from trips, keepsakes I'd get at weddings, and decorative items I would get at Marshall's (because they were so cute and only $4).

I thought that by adding more decorative items, here, there, and everywhere I would somehow manage to make my place look more stylish... instead... it made my place look cluttered and unkept.


03. Sort

While going through your items, ask yourself:

  • Do you love these items?

  • Is it super easy for you to keep this area clean? Is it clean right now?

  • Does this item contribute to the overall aesthetic you ASPIRE for your home?

If the answer is no, then decide whether the item goes into the trash, donate or sell bag and move on. Don't dwell, in the wise words of Dory just keep swimming...

Continue one section at a time until you're done decluttering the entire home.


04. Sort the Donate and Trash Bags

Take the trash bag to your dumpster, take the donate bag to the Salvation Army or your local shelter.


05. Organize your Sell Bag

Can you really make money off of your unwanted items? Of course you can! People have been holding garage sales since the '50s.

Well, times have changed and we have the benefit of technology now, so it has never been easier to make a little something off of the items you're getting rid of. Thanks to technology you don't have to leave your home or have anybody over to do this!

I use and swear by 2 apps to easily sell my unwanted goods: Poshmark and Mercari.


Easily list clothing, accessories, beauty products, shoes, and decorative items. Just open the app, take pictures of your item, fill in the details, and LIST. Once your item sells Poshmark will email you a shipping label so you can pack your item and send it.

  • *Poshmark retains 20% of every sale above $15 and $2.95 from every sale below $15.

If you haven't tried Poshmark yet use code: TheFineRefine for a $10 credit!


You can sell just about anything that is legal on Mercari. Just sign up, open the app, take pictures of your item, fill in the details, and LIST. Once your item sells you will be able to download a shipping label from Mercari so you can pack your item and send it off.

  • Mercari retains 10% of every sale.


If you need support at any time during your decluttering process or have questions please feel free to contact me here.

Organizing and decluttering is my passion and I hope to help you on your journey!


professional organizer free product recommendations

professional organizer free product recommendations

professional organizer free product recommendations

professional organizer free product recommendations

professional organizer free product recommendations

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