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Renter-Friendly Quick Closet Makeover

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

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renter friendly closet makeover


If you're a renter you know that most closets in rental homes and apartments are Closet-Maid systems. They are builders and flippers go-to when it comes to closet design.


ClosetMaid is available everywhere, has been around forever, and if something breaks it's super easy to fix (not to mention cheap).

So if you're a renter, you need to get used to ClosetMaid and learn to make the most of the spaces you have.

My primary goal when helping renters get situated in their spaces is to put systems into place for them that won't damage walls and can be easily removed when you decide to move out.

In this post, I want to share my favorite Closet Organizing system for anyone with a simple ClosetMaid system. The ClosetMaid 55300 closet maximizer. What I love most about this system is how easy it is to install and also take apart. It's absolutely perfect for renters.


Let's take a look at the before:

Most people have a catch-all coat closet where you can find everything from Christmas decorations to formal dresses. This one was no exception.


Client's needs:

  • Declutter

  • Extra hanging space

  • Maxi Dress hanging space

  • Shoe storage

  • Keep Christmas Decorations in Bin

  • Keep budget under $100




The very first step in every organizing project is to declutter and purge using my favorite decluttering system.

Planning the Space

Take the time to measure out how many full-length dresses or coats you need to hang so that you can shorten the adjustable hanging rod to the right size.

We moved a few pairs to other spots around the house and I managed to get them to sell some of their excess pairs on Poshmark

  • Use code: TheFineRefine for $10 when you start selling your lightly used clothing and home items on Poshmark.


Organizer In

Getting this ClosetMaid Maximizer in the closet requires no tools at all! I was able to put it together in less than 30 minutes.

The Height of the organizer is adjustable so it doesn't matter how high up your shelving is it just clips on.

The Width of this organizer is also somewhat adjustable. I set the hanging rod to 18 inches in order to leave space for the maxi dresses but this rod can extend up to 2 feet.

The hanging space above the shoe storage doesn't allow a lot of space for men's clothing or coats but it is a great space for crop tops.


Shoe Storage

If you need to keep shoes on wire shelving make sure you line them first using ClosetMaid shelf liners.

We moved the shoes on to the maximizer's shelving. This allowed me to accommodate 14 pairs of shoes on to shelves.

You can fit 3 pairs of men's shoes and 4 pairs of women's shoes comfortably per shelf.



Final Before and After


If you have a ClosetMaid system you should check out all of the ClosetMaid accessories available for you to make the MOST out of your closet space!


That's it for this entryway closet makeover in under an hour!

If you need extra help designing a space that is truly efficient, contact me here for product recommendations according to your space and measurements.



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