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Professional Organizer Favorites: NYC Closet

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

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professional organizers favorite organizing products from amazon

Why Amazon?

Convenience, fast shipping with PRIME and easy returns. It's very easy for there to be problems with broken or missing pieces when buying organizing products online. Amazon has easy and fast returns, refunds, and replacements so I never have issues.


Check out my favorite amazon tiny closet organizing products below!


Over the Door Organizers

Professional Organizer Tip: When organizing a tiny closet you have to think outside the closet. When I had to tackle a tiny NYC apartment closet I used every door to hang something on. Check out my favorite over the door organizing products below.


Extra Hanging

Professional Organizer Tip: If you only have one rod to hang in your closet create more by using the products featured below.


Take your Clothes out of the Closet

Professional Organizer Tip: A stand-alone rack gives you extra storage while also providing a chic way to display your nicer items. Nowadays you can get clothing racks that will go with your style and room decorations.


Making use of Inner Closet Walls

Command products are exceptionally great when it comes to creating readily accessible storage where there is none. For belts, hats, ties, caps, and accessories I love placing command hooks on the closet walls to create extra storage and keep items visible.


Shoe Storage

Try to keep these out of sight and out of your bedroom if possible, try to keep your shoes close to the home entry so you can take them off as soon as you come home and store them promptly. This keeps your home cleaner and gives you more bedroom space for clothing.


Hair Care and Styling Tools

While I still prefer to keep these messy items in Sterilite Drawers if you must place these on countertops make sure they are still somewhat contained in baskets, boxes, or containers specifically designed for hot tools.


Keep your Jewelry Visible

Out of sight, out of mind. You wouldn't believe how much stuff I forgot I ever had. Keeping your jewelry easily visible is a must if you're actually going to use it. That's why I opt for jewelry trays and boxes when organizing. Trays keep semi-fine and costume jewelry tarnish free for longer.


Use the Right Hangers

Professional Organizer Tip: You want to use hangers that lay flat against the others not round bulky plastic hangers.


That's it for my Amazon tiny closet organizer favorites if you need extra help designing a space that is truly efficient, contact me here for product recommendations according to your space and measurements.



Professional organizers favorite amazon organizing products

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